Are Whitney And Naomi Still Dating? Here’s What You Need To Know

Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith made the reality TV show “Southern Charm,” which is about the lives of a group of wealthy people from Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to learning about the city’s history, southern culture, and local politics, viewers also learn about the cast members’ jobs and personal lives.

People watch the show because they are interested in the relationships that develop on it. In Season 8, Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith told each other they liked each other. Fans are excited to see them together. But love and romance can be hard in this small Southern town, so it’s natural for you to wonder If Whitney And Naomi Are Still Dating? We will cover all of that and more in this post.

Are Whitney And Naomie From Southern Charm Still Together?

Naomie Olindo from Southern Charm recently said that she hooked up with Whitney Sudler-Smith on the show, and fans think that they would make a good couple. In season 3 of Southern Charm, Naomie was introduced as Craig Conover’s girlfriend. In season 4, the two of them moved in together. Even though the couple broke up because they fought all the time, Naomie stayed on the show as a full cast member in season 6.

Are Whitney And Naomi Still Dating? All You Need To Know

After season 6, the owner of L’Abeye left the show to move to New York City with her boyfriend Metul Shah. She found out that he was cheating on her, so she went back to her home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Are Whitney And Naomi Still Dating? All You Need To Know

Whitney and Naomie’s relationship appears to be going strong, they seem happy with how things are now. In an August 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” she admitted that she was dating someone, but she didn’t say who. Instead, she just said, “I am dating. I’m really happy.” She has always liked Whitney, and she is close to Patricia, his mother. Naomie has always supported Whitney’s work, and she has been seen on Instagram hanging out with him and his mom, Patricia Altschul.

Also, as their get-together went on, the two people were said to have tried to compliment each other, which strengthened their relationship.

Also, Naomie and Whitney’s mothers seemed to be very happy about their new relationship and encouraged them to keep going with it. They seemed to think that the two reality TV stars were a good match. Fans also felt this way, and they have been showing support for the “couple” on social media all the time.

From what we can see, things look good for both of them. Even though they have kept most of their details quiet, what they have said shows that yes, Naomie and Whitney are still dating and moving in a good direction. So, all we can do is wish them the best in life and hope for a great future for them.

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Whitney And Naomie Hooked Up More Than Once, According To Craig Conover

Craig Conover made it sound like Naomie Olindo and Whitney Sudler-Smith didn’t just hook up once.

Who Has Dated Who on ‘Southern Charm’? Here’s a Full List “It wasn’t a short-lived thing,” the 33-year-old star of Southern Charm told Us Weekly on Monday, August 22, while promoting season 8 of the show. “I know that for sure.”

“They definitely filmed a lot more than what you’ve seen so far,” the founder of Sewing Down South teased. So, like everyone else, I’m kind of excited to see Whitney dating someone.

Naomie, said on Thursday, August 18’s episode of Southern Charm that she and Whitney kissed after the group’s puppy nuptials for Peaches and Little Craig.

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The recent law school graduate continued, “It wasn’t really the issue” that Naomie moved on with Whitney. He was taken aback by the authenticity of their hookup.

“I believe that learning that it was real stunned me. Before it, there was a lot of discussion, and I remember thinking, “This is so odd, “Craig continued. “I believe that to be accurate. I believe it is acceptable for me to share everyone else’s opinion that it is crazy.

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