Who Is Brett Goldstein’s Girlfriend? Meet Beth Rylance!

Brett Goldstein is a talented person who has worked both in front of and behind the camera in his career. Even though he is an actor on Ted Lasso, he has worked as a writer, producer, director, and member of the script and continuity department on other, mostly British, productions.

In addition to writing for sketch comedy, like his co-star Jason Sudekis, he has also contributed to a few films. He occasionally worked with Catherine Tate, and he was well known for the movie SuperBob, in which he also starred opposite Tate in the title character.

He occasionally accepts one-off parts in British productions, such as when he portrayed Astos in a Jodie Whittaker-starring Doctor Who episode.

However, he is hitting headlines as Brett Goldstein has won the Emmy for best supporting actor in a comedy for the second year in a row. The Hollywood Reporter said that Goldstein won the award for his role in Ted Lasso, in which he plays player-turned-coach Roy Kent.

Because of his celebrity status, a lot of people are curious about his private life. Therefore, in this article, we will give you the knowledge that will slake your thirst.

Who Is Brett Goldstein’s Girlfriend, Beth Rylance?

Rylance is an actress and writer, according to her Instagram bio. She mostly does comedy work and has been on BBC’s Laugh Lessons, Comedy Central’s Every Blank Ever, and The B@IT, as well as Netflix’s Ministry of Curious Stuff and Turn Up Charlie.

Who Is Brett Goldstein's Girlfriend? Meet Beth Rylance!

Rylance also teaches workshops at the School of Comedy in London. This is a school where kids learn improv, sketch, and stand-up comedy. The website says that Rylance was part of the school’s original troupe, which did shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2007 and had a short TV show.

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Although the two British comedians have been in a relationship for quite some time, they did not publicly acknowledge their partnership until the Emmy Awards on September 19, 2021. A couple of months previously, Goldstein’s co-star in Ted Lasso, Hannah Waddingham, disclosed to People magazine that he “had a girlfriend.”

Who Is Brett Goldstein's Girlfriend? Meet Beth Rylance!

“Apparently, School of Comedy first aired on @Channel4 12 years ago on Friday. This show started my career, changed my life, and will always be the first and only time a 1st AD told @PoulterWill and me, ‘If you were my kids, I’d smack you,'” Rylance tweeted on the show’s 12-year anniversary. There were old pictures of her and her co-star Will Poulter in the post.

She also co-hosted the podcast Rules for Life, but the show hasn’t released any new episodes since 2020.

They Make Their Relationship Public In September 2021

Goldstein was very open about his relationship with Rylance. He won his first Emmy in September 2021 for playing Roy Kent on Ted Lasso. During his funny acceptance speech, he quickly mentioned Rylance.

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“I was told very, very clearly that I can’t swear,” Goldstein said, adding, “Beth, I love you.”

A few days after the ceremony, the actor posted the full speech on Instagram. In the comments, Rylance said, “I want to cry so bad, but I don’t think I can spare the moisture.”, as per Vanity Fair.

In a now-deleted tweet, the comedian also made jokes about her Emmy experience and who her boyfriend was. “Today is the day that my boyfriend goes to the Emmys as a Best Supporting Actor nominee, and I am at home doing my second load of laundry,” she wrote. “Just to make sure, my boyfriend is SNL’s Kenan Thompson,”

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