Who Is Cassi Davis’ Husband? Everything You Need To Know About Their Relationship

Cassandra Davis-Patton is an American actress best known for playing Ella Payne on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and its spin-off series The Paynes. Since 2010, she is also known in the Madea series as Betty Ann “Aunt Bam” Murphy. She has starred in a number of other productions directed by Tyler Perry.

Besides her fantastic career, she also has a very beautiful married life with his husband. Davis wed her longtime partner Kerry Patton on January 11, 2017; prior to their marriage, the couple had been together since 2007. Here in this article, you’ll read everything you need to know about the couple.

Meet Cassi Davis’ Husband, Kerry Patton

Even though Cassi has played a lot of different characters over the course of her career, Ella Payne is the one for which she is best known. Ella, who was played by Cassi, was married to Curtis Payne, who was played by LaVan Davis. People started to wonder if the on-screen couple was dating or even married after nine seasons. But in 2011, Cassi and LaVan made things clear for everyone. The host of “You and Me This Morning” asked Cassi and LaVan if they were married in an interview. Both said “no” to this. Then, LaVan said, “Maybe” in jest.

So, that’s it. Cassi and LaVan don’t have a wedding. They don’t even go out together. From what people have said about her on social media, she is married. Kerry Patton is her husband’s name. Davis married her longtime boyfriend Kerry Patton on January 11, 2017. They had been together since 2007.

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Cassi And Kerry Have Known Each Other Since School

Cassi and Kerry went to the same high school, so they already knew each other. The actress went so far as to say that she had loved Kerry since they were in sixth grade.”We met in the third grade, but as you grow up and go your separate ways, you can’t stay together forever. We went our separate ways for about twenty years, but God brought us back together.”They did their own things and had their own careers, but as the saying goes, fate has everything planned out for everyone, and the couple ended up back together again.

In 2007, Davis and Perry started talking, and then they slowly started going out together. Cassi and Kerry went out with each other for 10 years before they finally got married. During one of her interviews, Cassie said “We started talking and dating back in 2007, and oh my goodness, we stayed in touch and are now bonded.”

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Does Cassi Have Kids?

Cassi said straight out that she has no desire to have kids. Cassi also said that she has her own reasons but doesn’t bother to tell anyone about them. Even though he is a public figure, Cassi’s husband lives a quiet life and stays away from social media and the media. Cassi says that the two of them have a relationship that is mesmerizing. The 56-year-old actress says, “Our fights are beautiful, and our make-up is beautiful.”Cassi and Kerry have also been together through good times and bad times. Even when Cassi had a problem that made part of her face sag.

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