Who Is Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Berger

Daniel Ricciardo is a racing driver of Italian and Australian descent who recently competed in Formula One driving for McLaren and representing Australia. He started his Formula One career in 2011 at the British Grand Prix with HRT as part of an arrangement with Red Bull Racing, where he served as a test driver for Scuderia Toro Rosso. Throughout his Formula One career, he has won 8 Grand Prix races. As of 2023, he is the third driver for Red Bull Racing.

Although we have almost familiar with the numerous accomplishments that the 32-year-old racing driver has achieved in his career. Here in this article, we’ll instead focus on his personal life and specifically on his girlfriend, the 24-year-old actress Heidi Berger.

Meet Heidi Berger, Daniel Ricciardo’s Girlfriend

Heidi Berger, who is in a relationship with Ricciardo, is an up-and-coming actress and the daughter of former Formula One driver Gerhard Berger. Her father had ten Grand Prix wins while Ricciardo has won eight races in Formula One. As reported by The Herald Sun, Berger is currently studying at New York University and pursuing a career in acting.

Who Is Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Berger

Berger graduated in 2014 and then ventured to London to study theatre for a year. She then went on to take on various acting roles in Portugal. In an interview with CARAS in 2016, Berger disclosed that she had to relocate from Monaco to Lisbon to pursue her acting aspirations.

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Heidi is active on Instagram and goes by the handle @heidiberger_. Her love for dogs can be seen on her social media profile as she has posted multiple photos featuring them. Her profile also showcases her fondness for adventures, as she has shared several pictures of herself exploring the beaches, and streets of New York and going on road trips. Berger has also shared pictures of her family and friends.

Know About Daniel And Heidi’s Relationship

Ricciardo’s relationship with Berger, the daughter of former F1 star Gerhard Berger, was confirmed by their Instagram posts. Ricciardo posted a video of the couple on a hiking trip, while Berger captioned it with “Heidi got taken out of her comfort zone.” After reviewing their Instagram pages, no picture of the pair together was spotted.

Who Is Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Berger

The well-known 33-year-old spoke about his relationship on the Fitzy & Wippa Podcast, revealing how his girlfriend, Heidi Berger, has been supportive. When asked if he was in love, he responded affirmatively and stated that he has found a good balance in his life with her. He also mentioned that love has a calming effect on him and eliminates stress.

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Daniel Ricciardo Regarded Heidi’s Father As His Idol

Ricciardo talked about his conversations with Heidi’s father about Formula One. He Expresses Adoration for Heidi’s Father, a Former F1 Driver for Ferrari.

Who Is Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend? Meet Heidi Berger

He reminisced about following the sport from a young age and even having a hat with Gerhard Berger’s name on it. Ricciardo stated that Gerhard still attends several races and has an ongoing interest in the sport. He also mentioned his love for talking to former athletes, like Gerhard and gaining knowledge and insight from their experiences.

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