E. Jean Carroll’s Net Worth: She Wins Defamation Case Against Donald Trump

E. Jean Carroll is an American journalist, author, and advice columnist. She wrote the “Ask E. Jean” column in Elle magazine from 1993 to 2019, and it became one of the longest-lasting advice columns in American publishing.

Recently, In the defamation trial between E. Jean Carroll and Donald Trump, a New York City jury has awarded Carroll $83.3 million. The compensation includes $18.3 million in compensatory damages and an additional $65 million in punitive retribution.

Subsequently, there is a heightened interest among the public regarding E. Jean Carroll’s financial status and net worth, particularly after her successful defamation case against Donald Trump. In this post, we aim to furnish you with all the pertinent details.

What Is E. Jean Carroll’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, E. Jean Carroll’s estimated net worth is approximately $1 million, reflecting her current financial standing, though this amount may be subject to change with new information.

E. Jean Carroll's Net Worth: She Wins Defamation Case Against Donald Trump

Examining previous years, there was a notable peak in 2019 when her net worth was reported at $1.6 million. During that year, Carroll gained widespread attention for her high-profile defamation and battery lawsuit against former US President Donald Trump, resulting in a $5 million damages award and marking a significant financial event for her.

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In contrast, a decade earlier, in 2010, Carroll’s net worth was an impressive $4 million. The substantial financial success during this period is likely attributed to the enduring popularity of her written works and her established career in journalism.

Court Orders Trump To Pay $83 Million In Damages To E. Jean Carroll

In a recent federal trial, former President Donald Trump has been directed to pay more than $83 million in damages to E. Jean Carroll, who accused him of rape in the 1990s. The jury’s decision includes $18.3 million as compensatory damages and a substantial $65 million in punitive damages.

Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan declared this ruling as a significant legal development. Trump, previously found not liable for rape but held accountable for sexual abuse and defamation in another trial with a $5 million payment, criticized the latest verdict. He dismissed it as part of a “Biden Directed Witch Hunt” and expressed his intention to appeal. Carroll had initially sought $12 million in damages for the alleged 1996 rape at Bergdorf Goodman.

E. Jean Carroll's Net Worth: She Wins Defamation Case Against Donald Trump

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The jury concluded that Trump’s statements in June 2019 had caused harm to Carroll, resulting in a compensation of $7.3 million in compensatory damages, $11 million for reputational repair, in addition to the $65 million in punitive damages, bringing the total to $83.3 million. Trump provided brief testimony in his defense during the trial.

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