Are Emily Compagno And Pete Riley Getting Divorce? Details Inside

Emily Rose Compagno is a well-known cheerleader who used to be with the American National Football Academy. She is a lawyer and a TV host these days. She is one of the hosts of the show Outnumbered. There have been rumors for sometime now that Emily Compagno and her husband are divorcing. But none of these are true.

When they were in school, they were just casual friends.

Surprisingly, they met again twenty years later! As they walked down the streets of Seattle, they accidentally met each other.

Emily and Peter Riley get along great, even though they root for different football teams.

Are Emily Compagno And Pete Riley Getting Divorce? Details Inside

It led to them going out together for a few years before Peter asked her to marry him. Soon after that, there was a wedding in an Italian hotel in Valla Cimbrone. Viewers might find it interesting to know that the bride and groom didn’t invite anyone to their wedding. The wedding took place on September 13.

The happily married pair stays together and finds joy in one another’s company.

The husband of Emily Compagno, Peter Riley, who is a qualified dentist, works at Chemithon Enterprises.

Riley’s private life is largely kept a secret. This amazing couple has not yet given birth to any children. The TV host rarely discusses her marriage in the media and has a very discreet personal life.

They haven’t said anything about this rumor, so their fans aren’t certain what they should think.

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Emily Compagno’s Career

Emily Compagno is a reporter for Fox News and used to be a lawyer for criminal defense. Her background in law gives her a unique point of view that helps her cover the news. Emily works as a sports and business expert on-air for both local and national television networks. Over the years, she has been at the center of a number of high-profile stories.

Are Emily Compagno And Pete Riley Getting Divorce? Details Inside

There was the cyberattack on Sony, the shooting in Aurora, the punishments for PEDs, the Federal funding bill, and even the New York jail break. In addition to her job as an analyst, she also serves as the legal expert for the TV show Fox & Friends.

She danced in the National Football League long before she became an analyst or a federal attorney at a firm in San Francisco. Yeah of course, you read that right: a lawyer for criminal defense was also a cheerleader!

She has been with the Oakland Raiders since April of 2007. During her time with the NFL club, she moved up the ranks to become the captain of their cheer squad. Emily was even in charge of the team in the first episode of NFL China. She went to places like Iran and Kuwait while on NFL duty with her team.

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Emily Compagno’s Net worth

Former Oakland Raiders cheerleader Emily Compagno has achieved success in a number of fields. Her legal career, for instance, served as the cornerstone around which her net worth was based. She apparently makes $70,000 annually working for the Social Security Administration as general legal counsel. When she was promoted to GS-13, her salary was raised to just about $100K.

Emily Compagno’s estimated net worth is $5 Million. Emily Compagno made more than $1 million a year as a contributor and co-host for Fox News.

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