Gayle King Husband: Her Journey From Wokeism To Relationship History

Recently, Gayle King, the host of “CBS Mornings,” strongly criticized the term “wokeism” for being used in a negative way to describe radical left-wing beliefs. Instead, she expressed her view that these ideas should be referred to as “truthism.”

King’s comments came following a report by correspondent Lisa Ling about Florida’s decision to ban an AP African-American history course influenced by Critical Race Theory (CRT). King passionately defended the course and the broader concept of woke ideas, associating them with truth and authenticity.

King said, “I know, it’s so sad to me now that the word ‘wokeism’ has now almost become weaponized. It’s really missing the point about what’s being taught here. You know, I don’t look at it as ‘wokeism’ so much as ‘truthism.’”

Coming into her personal life, she went through a divorce with William Bumpus. After her separation from her husband in the 1990s, many have been curious about Gayle King’s romantic life and whether she has been in any relationships. Let’s delve into the relationship history of the “CBS Morning” host to see if she has been dating anyone in the years that followed her divorce.

Gayle King Husband William Bumpus: What Unfolded in Their Marriage

Gayle had been in a relationship with a British attorney named William Bumpus starting from the year 1981. They tied the knot in 1982. Throughout their marriage, Gayle and William had two children, their daughter Kirby, born in May 1986, and their son William Bumpus Jr., born in April 1987. Today, both of their children have reached adulthood, and Kirby, in particular, became a parent herself when she and her husband Virgil Miller welcomed their son, Luca, in September 2021.

Gayle King Husband: Her Journey From Wokeism To Relationship History

In August 2016, Gayle shared her perspective on the alleged infidelity that had taken a toll on her marriage in an interview with Vanity Fair. When asked to identify the person she “despises” the most, she responded, “‘Despise’ is a strong word. I’m not a huge fan of the woman I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24, 1990, at 9:16 P.M. – but I don’t remember the details,” she humorously quipped.

In 2016, following Gayle’s remarks in Vanity Fair, William took the initiative to address the situation with a statement. He acknowledged the weight of his life-altering decision, stating, “I have been haunted with this life-altering choice.” Despite dealing with this matter privately, he publicly expressed his apologies for the significant transgression that had a profound impact on their lives.

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He conveyed his utmost respect for Gayle and admired how she gracefully handled the circumstances, particularly in maintaining their children’s well-being and his relationship with them as top priorities.

Gayle King Husband: Her Journey From Wokeism To Relationship History

William went further to offer praise to his former wife, affirming, “Gayle was a great wife, an excellent mother, and a fantastic co-parent.” He expressed eternal gratitude for her contributions to his life and their adult children’s lives.

Is Gayle King Currently Dating Anyone?

Gayle King has typically kept her dating life out of the public eye, but there was one instance where she opened up about it. According to a report by PageSix, she shared that she had gone on a few dates with a man who later disclosed that he was still married. Despite his claim of being separated from his spouse, Gayle recognized this as a warning sign and decided to end the relationship promptly.

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