Graham Weston’s Divorce From Wife, Elizabeth Weston – Everything You Need To Know

Divorces don’t usually end up in court, but one of the most interesting cases ever to happen in the San Antonio area seems to be headed that way. So, get ready for what could be the most publicized divorce case in San Antonio in recent years.

Graham Weston and his wife Elizabeth have both filed for divorce, the Express-News says. Graham Weston is a wealthy downtown developer and co-founder of Rackspace Technology Inc. As they try to end their 26-year marriage, they also make serious accusations about each other.

The daily says that Elizabeth Weston says her husband sexually assaulted her and had extramarital affairs, including one with a possible blackmailer. Graham Weston says that his wife secretly recorded him and hired a private investigator to watch him for a year and a half.

Graham Weston speaks during a San Antonio event several years ago. - Facebook / Julián Castro

It’s clear that a lot is at stake. Weston was on Forbes’ list of billionaires in 2013 before he fell off, and he still invests a lot in downtown. Recent news stories talked about the businessman’s work with Community Labs, a non-profit that offers quick, free COVID-19 screening.

The Express-News says that one of the biggest fights in court will be over whether the developer’s wealth is owned by the community or is hidden behind a trust that he controls alone.

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Graham Weston Divorce Updates – His Estranged Wife Says She Has No Money To Hire Attorneys And Can’t Afford Legal Assistance

Elizabeth Weston went to court without a lawyer less than seven weeks before the divorce trial started.

She told the judge that she could not pay for a lawyer.

Elizabeth has had more than 30 lawyers from 16 different law firms work for her. But on June 15, the lead lawyers in the case, Lawrence Friedman and Ryan Lurich of the Dallas law firm Friedman & Feiger, who had asked for the adjournment, filed a move to quit. Graham Weston, who started Rackspace, is going to court against a lawyer in San Antonio. Later, a few other lawyers also asked to leave the case.

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During her speech on Thursday, Elizabeth said that she had already spent more than $4 million on the divorce battle.

Graham Weston’s wife accuses a San Antonio accounting firm of fraud in a case that has to do with their divorce. During the hearing, Elizabeth Weston didn’t say anything about whether or not she would soon hire new lawyers. Even though it’s not clear how her lack of a lawyer might change the date of the trial, Waldrip is still determined to go forward.

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Graham Weston Seeks $ 2.9 Million In Fees From San Antonio Lawyer And Firm

Graham Weston, and the companies he runs have sued San Antonio attorney Jason Davis and Davis and Santos. They are accused of secretly representing Weston’s wife, Elizabeth Weston, and acting as her case attorney in their contested divorce.

In a petition filed last Wednesday in Comal County, Weston said, “This is a case about a lawyer who broke the most important rules of his profession to make money for himself.” He called the conflict “perhaps the most egregious violation and betrayal of the attorney-client relationship in the history of Texas law.”

Developer Graham Weston has left board of Frost Bank's holding company

From the original petition in Weston v. Davis, the plaintiffs wrote that Davis & Santos’ lawyers had represented Weston and the companies he ran in nine “formal and informal cases” since 2009 and were still representing him and three of those companies in pending cases “when the accused began their covert investigation and the development of civil, criminal, and family law claims against Mr. Weston” on behalf of Elizabeth Weston.

The plaintiffs are Countyline Land Trust, Carowest Land, and Kuehler Road LLC, as well as Weston, who lives in New Braunfels. Weston, a successful businessman and former billionaire, helped start Rackspace, where he was CEO for almost 20 years before leaving in 2016.

The plaintiffs are suing Davis and his firm for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and constructive fraud. They want Davis to pay back more than $2.9 million in attorney fees and unspecified damages.

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