Who Is Grigor Dimitrov’s Girlfriend? Know About His Past Relationships

Grigor Dimitrov, the talented Bulgarian tennis player, has made a name for himself in the world of professional tennis. With a career-high ranking of world No. 3 in singles, Dimitrov has proven his exceptional skills and determination on the court. He has clinched eight ATP Tour singles titles, showcasing his ability to compete at the highest level. Dimitrov’s success and contributions have not only elevated his own profile but have also brought pride to Bulgarian tennis. His dedication and passion for the sport continue to inspire fans around the globe.

Grigor has not only made a name for himself on the court but has also captured the attention of fans and media with his romantic relationships. From high-profile relationships with tennis superstar Maria Sharapova and renowned singer Nicole Scherzinger to his current girlfriend, Lolita Osmanova, Dimitrov’s love life has been a subject of fascination. Let’s take a closer look at the women who have been a part of his journey.

Meet Lolita Osmanova: Grigor Dimitrov’s Current Girlfriend

Grigor Dimitrov’s current girlfriend is Lolita Osmanova, and their relationship has been the talk of the town. Lolita, the daughter of Russian billionaire Eldar Osmanova, is not only known for her association with Dimitrov but also for her own achievements. She is the CEO of Luxury International Magazine and an ambassador of Monaco at the Berlin Iglesias Art.

Lolita has made a name for herself on social media, particularly Instagram, where she actively engages with her 65.6k followers. She also promotes her beauty products through her social media platforms, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Is Grigor Dimitrov's Girlfriend? Know About His Past Relationships

Interestingly, Lolita was previously married to Russian-American businessman Gaspar Avdolyan, but their marriage ended due to issues between them. It was during this period that Lolita and Dimitrov crossed paths, eventually leading to their blossoming romance.

Although Dimitrov and Lolita had been in a relationship for some time, they confirmed their love publicly in 2020. This revelation created a buzz in the media, with fans eagerly following their journey as a couple.

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Know About Grigor Dimitrov’s Past Relationships

Dimitrov‘s romantic journey began with tennis icon Maria Sharapova in late 2012. Despite keeping their relationship under wraps, they confirmed their association after Dimitrov’s victory over Novak Djokovic at the 2013 Madrid Open. However, their relationship came to an end in July 2015.

Who Is Grigor Dimitrov's Girlfriend? Know About His Past Relationships

Following his split from Sharapova, Dimitrov found love with American singer Nicole Scherzinger, best known as the lead vocalist of The Pussycat Dolls. Their relationship began discreetly at the end of 2015 and lasted until 2019. Although their romance ultimately ended, their time together made headlines and captured the interest of fans worldwide.

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As of now, there are no indications that Dimitrov and Lolita plan to tie the knot anytime soon. They are both focused on their respective careers and seem to be enjoying their relationship. Recently, Dimitrov was seen in a photo shoot with actress Madelina Ghenea, which sparked further speculation. However, it’s important to remember that the personal lives of public figures often attract attention and sometimes create unnecessary rumors.

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