Who Is Harry Connick Jr’s Wife? Know The Secret To Their Happy Married Life

Harry Connick Jr. is a singer, songwriter, composer, actor, and former judge on “American Idol.” He loves the Christmas season. Connick is ending 2022 with his first-holiday tour in a few years. The tour is in support of his fourth Christmas album, “Make It Merry,” which started streaming exclusively on Apple Music on November 26. Connick and his family will spend Christmas Day this year at his father-in-law’s house in Colorado. But before they go there, Connick will spread holiday cheer all over Southern California. On December 24, the tour will be at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco.

Harry Connick Jr.’s old love songs have made millions of people fall in love with him, but there’s only one woman he needs to win over. Find out all about Harry Connick’s wife, Jill Goodacre,

Meet Harry Connick Jr’s Wife Jill Goodacre

Jill Goodacre was born in Texas and raised in Colorado. In the 1980s and early 90s, she worked as a model for the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret. With the help of model Stephanie Seymour, Jill helped the new brand get noticed. It went from being a small brand to a global leader in women’s fashion. She would also be a model in a few of Harry’s music videos.

Who Is Harry Connick Jr's Wife? Know The Secret To Their Happy Married Life

Back in 2017, Jill revealed that she found out she had breast cancer in 2012 after a routine mammogram and sonogram. Now that her cancer is gone, Jill said she didn’t talk about it until she had been cancer-free for 5 years.

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Harry Always Remembers The Day He Met His Wife Jill Goodacre

Harry said that he met his wife for the first time in the early 90s when they were both staying at the same resort. During an interview on Live With Regis and Kelly, the musician said that Jill walked by him while he was swimming in the lodge’s pool. Harry was so impressed by her beauty that he made a joke about “almost drowning.” Harry said that he jumped out of the pool and asked her to have lunch. At first, she said no, but when he asked again, she agreed.

Who Is Harry Connick Jr's Wife? Know The Secret To Their Happy Married Life

Harry Connick Jr. still remembers the day he met his wife, Jill Goodacre. “We were staying at the same hotel. I was going to record an album called “We Are in Love,” and she was going to a photo shoot. Man, I’m glad I introduced myself,” he wrote in social media posts to mark the anniversary.

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The Secret Of Their Happy Married Life

Harry Connick Jr. has been married to Jill Goodacre for almost 30 years, which is a long time in Hollywood. The musician said that making a lifelong promise to his “best friend” was the key to his successful relationship. He told Us Weekly, “I married my best friend and a woman I look up to a lot.” “Because we share the same values, it’s easy for us to try to teach them to our kids.” After dating for four years, they got married in 1994. Since then, they have hardly ever been apart.

Who Is Harry Connick Jr's Wife? Know The Secret To Their Happy Married Life

How are Connick and Goodacre still together after all this time? Connick says that staying interested in each other is the key to keeping a marriage strong. He keeps being interested in the relationship. “All that matters to me is that I stay interested in her,” Connick tells Fox News. “I mean, she’s fascinating to me, she’s still mysterious to me, I’m still very interested in her and everything that kind of makes her tick, and I think it’s mutual,” he says. Connick also says that love and respect are important parts of their recipe for a happy marriage. The couple tries to show their three kids, Georgia, Sarah, and Charlotte, how to treat each other with love and respect.

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