Hugh Beaumont Cause Of Death – All You Need To Know

The classic TV show Leave It to Beaver was loved by people who grew up in the 1950s. The show ran until the early 1960s, and Theodore “The Beaver” Cleaver’s character was always getting into trouble in his neighborhood.

Fans loved Jerry Mathers, who played Theodore, but they also liked the rest of the Cleavers. Hugh Beaumont was the famous actor who played Mr. Ward Cleaver. But while Beaumont was filming the show, something happened that made him blame the show for a terrible death in his family. Here’s what went down.

On “Leave It to Beaver,” Hugh Beaumont Played Mr. Cleaver

Leave It to Beaver has a lot of memorable characters, but Beaumont is the only one who could have played Mr. Cleaver. Fox News says that Beaumont’s work on the show was one of his best, and that he didn’t always want to be famous in Hollywood. Before he started acting, he went to school to study theology. When he finally got famous, his daughter Kristan Beaumont said that he never let it get to his head.

Hugh Beaumont Cause Of Death - All You Need To Know

“He had a lot to do with how the character turned out,” Kristan told Closer Weekly, citing Fox. “We usually had a talk with dad when we got in trouble, just like on the show. He’d never yell or get upset.”

Kristan also said that her father took the show “very seriously” so that he could use all the money to support his family.

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Beaumont Said That The Show Was To Blame For The Death Of A Family Member

Even though Beaumont was dedicated to his role on the show, he didn’t always seem to enjoy being on set. Mental Floss says that the show made Beaumont feel “deep sadness.” In order to start filming in Los Angeles, he had to spend a lot of time away from his family in Minnesota. And one thing kept coming back to him.

The publication says that once the pilot episode was sold, filming for Leave It to Beaver happened quickly, and Beaumont had to fly to California on a tight schedule. He sent his son Hunter to drive Beaumont’s wife and her mother west, but Hunter lost control of the car. The car accident killed the mother of Beaumont’s wife.

Hugh Beaumont Cause Of Death - All You Need To Know

The Life & Times of Hollywood says that Beaumont was angry at the show because he couldn’t have been the one to drive the car in the first place because they were filming.

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He Died When He Was 72 Years Old

Even though Beaumont had doubts about the show, he did a lot to make it one of the most well-known shows on TV. In the end, he died when he was 72 years old. The New York Times says that Beaumont had a heart attack and died in 1982, almost 20 years after the show ended.

Even after Beaumont died, his Leave It to Beaver co-star Jerry Mathers wrote very kind and thoughtful things about him.

Hugh Beaumont Cause Of Death - All You Need To Know

Mathers wrote on his website, “When they recast the role for the series, Hugh was one of several people who came in for an audition.” “I was very happy that he got the part, and we were great friends for the rest of his life until he died of a heart attack in 1982. Hugh and my dad became friends, and Hugh would come to our house every so often to play cards with my dad and some of his friends.

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