Meet Andrew Tate: Says He’s The Most Googled Person In 2022

Let’s be honest here, we all know that one doesn’t have to be a sports celebrity, a movie star or a serial killer to be famous these days. Infact, quite the contrary anybody, (with a bit of luck) can be trending.

In Andrew’s opinion, he is the “most famous person” and the topic of the most google searches.

Due to his fight with Twitch star xQc, the kickboxer just went viral. He is currently making waves for asserting that his celebrity surpasses everyone else’s.

Meet Andrew Tate

Emory Andrew Tate III is a British-American kickboxer and internet personality. After he stopped kickboxing, Tate became known for his controversial views on things like se*ual assault and se*ual harassment.

Tate is a former professional kickboxer who is now an entrepreneur and content maker. He also founded “Hustlers University,” where he teaches an online course on “contemporary wealth generation.”

When he appeared in the 2016 British season of Big Brother, which was controversially ended, he first gained notoriety outside of the sport.

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Tate rose to fame at the time he was kicked from the show after a video of him allegedly hitting a woman with a belt appeared online. When he made the allegation at the time, Tate said that the woman in the video had given her agreement for it to be a part of the role-playing. He added that he used a felt belt.

He posted the following on his Facebook: “They edited off all the sound since she is LAUGHING in the video. They also edited out the part of the video where she grabs the belt and strikes me back while we both giggle. Bullshit, man. We were laughing in 2012 at the time.

In 2017, his Twitter account was closed, and the tweets were later taken down. But earlier this year, Twitter verified the famous kickboxer’s account, even though it had already been banned. This showed that the social media company seemed to ignore its own rules.

Meet Andrew Tate: Says He's The Most Googled Person In 2022

On the Full Send Podcast, Andrew made an appearance to talk about a range of subjects, including why he never lets women drive his car and industry competition.

Speaking on his achievements in 2022, the influencer claimed that he wouldn’t care if someone used his videos or if they created one to criticize him. According to him, it’s “free game,” so they may do whatever they want.

Andrew said, “I am now the most famous map on the planet. I attribute my success to my “brilliant war strategy,” which was put into action on January 1, 2022. Compared to Joe Biden and Donald Trump, I get more Google searches. Search for it.

He says with confidence, “I am the most googled man on the f******g planet.”

Who Is The Most Googled Person In 2022?

The person who is the topic of the most searches on Google cannot be identified without access to the company’s original data; however, Business Insider has created a list which may provide some insights in this aspect.

Who Is The Most Googled Person In 2022?

The analysis indicates that Alec Baldwin happens to be the most Googled person in 2022.  In addition to his reputation as a well-known star, the actor has been mentioned in the media throughout the year 2022 in connection with a shooting that took place when he was filming the movie Rust.

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The next person on the list is 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who comes in second place. This year, he was a participant in a shooting that took place elsewhere.

Christian Eriksen, a professional footballer from Denmark, is currently in third place, and Tiger Woods is just behind him.

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