Ivanka Trump Before Plastic Surgery And After Pics – Analysis Of Her Cosmetic Surgeries

In our crazy, social media-obsessed world, it’s pretty much been proven that if you say something false enough times, it starts to sound like the truth—at least to some people and the more trusting parts of the media.

In the case of Ivanka Trump’s plastic surgery, people all over the world have been wondering if she really had it done. Rumors are rampant that Ivanka Trump got a nose job or a rhinoplasty as well as breast implants, dental veneers, a chin implant, and cheek fillers as well.

Ivanka Trump Before Plastic Surgery And After Pics - Analysis Of Her Cosmetic Surgeries

Oh wait, there’s more – did you know that Ivanka Trump started a more than $40 k plastic surgery trend? Women have been willing to get under the knife in order to look more like Ivanka Trump.

We will discuss all of that and how true are the speculations about Ivanka Trump’s plastic surgeries in this article.

Did Ivanka Trump Get Plastic Surgeries?

Many people say that Ivanka Trump is “TOO perfect,” so let’s do a full “Before and After” on her.

Did she get a little help or is she all-natural?  Let’s look more closely!

Disclaimer: Since her dad is one of the richest people in the US, we won’t be surprised if it does turn out that she went under the knife to get her signature look.

With that being said, let’s move on to the most obvious plastic surgeries Ivanka Trump had.

Did Ivanka Trump Get A Nose Job?

Ok, let’s be honest: If we look at her old photos, we can see that her nose bridge has a bump, but that bump is no longer visible in her current photos.

Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon in New York, said, “From her old photos, it looks like Ivanka had her nose reshaped and her breasts augmented.” Her skin probably looks smooth because she has had some small changes, like Botox and chemical peels. I think she looks good all around.” We agree, but let’s take a deeper look.

Did Ivanka Trump Get A Nose Job?

She used to have a bigger bump in the middle of her nose bridge. That part has been cut back. The tip of her nose is also becoming clearer.

So, I think it’s possible that Ivanka had a nose job. What’s your opinion?

Moving on, let’s talk about her chin.

Did Ivanka Trump Have A Chin Implant Or Reduction?

Ivanka Trump Before Plastic Surgery And After Pics - Analysis Of Her Cosmetic Surgeries

I’m not too sure about this one. I think Ivanka’s chin looks the same when she makes a similar face. Her jawline might look different, but that’s because of losing facial fat. In my opinion, Ivanka Trump did not get a chin implant or reduction, the obvious difference we see in her before pics is due to her losing her chubby cheeks.

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Did Ivanka Trump Get Dental Veneers Or Teeth Fixed?

Okay, this one is pretty clear and out in the open. Ivanka’s smile was different when she was younger because she had crooked teeth. Both the top and bottom rows were not the same.

Ivanka Trump Before Plastic Surgery And After Pics - Analysis Of Her Cosmetic Surgeries

She did get braces, but they didn’t help enough.

I think Ivanka got porcelain veneers because her teeth look so much better now than they did before. Even and straight.

So our verdict on her teeth is – Ivanka did get extensive work done on her teeth which includes braces and veneers.

Did Ivanka Trump Get Breast Implants?

Ivanka’s breast implants may have been done in 2006.

She was 24 years old and often wore daring clothes that showed off her great body.

Did Ivanka Trump Get Breast Implants?

On the left is Ivanka, who was old enough to get a boob job. But her bust size seems real and normal for that time.

She has much bigger breasts now, and they don’t seem to change as she gains or loses weight.

So, I think Ivanka might have had breast augmentation.

Final Verdict On Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgeries

Has Ivanka been under the knife? We wanted to know if Ivanka had plastic surgery, and all signs point to “yes.” Or let’s just say…a very good chance.

However, for the record, we couldn’t find any plastic surgeons who have gone on record, but we are sure she’s had a boob job and at least one rhinoplasty.

We think she has also started using Botox, but not sure about the fillers yet. Her lips were always pretty full, and her cheeks don’t look too puffy.

No matter what she’s had done, Ivanka is now making other women want to get surgery to look like her.

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