Meet Jason Kelce’s Wife, Kylie McDevitt: Know About Their Relationship

Jason Kelce is a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League right now. He was picked up by Philly in the sixth round of the draft. Before he turned pro in 2011, he played college baseball for the Cincinnati Reds.

Since his first game, his football career has been going well. Over the years, he has won one Super Bowl, been on the First-team All-Pro four times, won the Pro Bowl six times, and been on the Second-team All-Big East twice.

Aside from his fantastic career, he also has a very fascinating love life. He is married to Kylie McDevitt. He met his wife on a dating app and now they are happily married. Here in this article, we’ll discuss their personal life.

How Did Jason Meet His Wife Kylie?

Jason Kelce and Kylie McDevitt met on an online dating app, Tinder. “Thank goodness you swiped right too,” the former hockey coach wrote on Instagram in November 2015 when she shared her first photo with the Philadelphia Eagles player. Soon after they started dating, McDevitt became the football center’s top cheerleader.

Kylie wrote in the caption of an April 2019 Instagram post of her playing field hockey, “Joining the Cabrini Field Hockey family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” It gave me memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.” In 2017, she got her degree from Cabrini University. She is rumored to be a field hockey coach at a high school.

Meet Jason Kelce's Wife, Kylie McDevitt: Know About Their Relationship

“I will always be impressed by your dedication, passion, and persistence. Can’t wait to cheer you on during another season!,” she wrote on Instagram in July 2019. “I love you, J… so do Winn, Bubs, and baby Kelce. 🐾🐾👶.”

Philly magazine says that Jason and Kylie got married on April 14, 2018. They tied the knot at the Logan Hotel. The wedding photographer, Sarah Alderman, told the magazine, “He went from being a regular athlete I had never heard of to a Super Bowl champion who made such an impact on the city.”

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Jason And Kylie Have Two Daughters

About a year after their marriage, they had their first child. I’m very worn out. “The last few nights at the hospital have been pretty long,” Jason told reporters in October 2019, just days after McDevitt gave birth to their daughter Wyatt. “They’re doing really well. The birth was really, really healthy. Everything went really well, and mom and baby are both healthy.

He went on to say at the time, “I didn’t do much, but it’s pretty amazing. It was a great moment, and my dad told me a story about when my brother was born… Two years after I was born, one of the nurses came up to me in the waiting room and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” “I want to be a dad,” I said. To bring things full circle, we’re very lucky to have a new member of the family.

Meet Jason Kelce's Wife, Kylie McDevitt: Know About Their Relationship

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Elliotte was born to the former Super Bowl champion McDevitt in March 2021. Less than a year later, they told everyone that they were having more babies. “What, another Kelce woman? Don’t mind if we do. Coming in February 2023,” the teacher’s aide wrote on an Instagram photo of Wyatt and Elliotte wearing matching “Big Sister” sweatshirts on an apple-picking trip with their family in September 2022.

“There are baby girls everywhere!! “I don’t know,” Travis said at the time. Jason and McDevitt love their quiet life with their kids, but Wyatt and Elliotte are already big fans of the Eagles.

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