Who Is Joe Buck’s Wife? All You Need To Know About Their Relationship

The voice of Monday Night Football and a recent guest on the SI Media Podcast always makes headlines when he calls a game by introducing the Saints-Bucs game on ESPN.

American Joseph Francis Buck is a sportscaster. From 1994, when Fox Sports started, until 2022, he worked there. Buck went to work for ESPN in 2022, where he is the main play-by-play announcer for Monday Night Football. Besides his career, his personal life is also very interesting. He has been married twice. His first wife was Ann Archambault, who is now Ann Buck-Kitchel. His current wife is Michelle Beisner-Buck, who used to cheer for the Denver Broncos. In this article, we’ll talk about his current wife and their relationship including their kids.

Meet Joe Buck’s Wife, Michelle Buck

Michelle Beisner Buck is an American reporter and journalist who is currently the host of the Monday Night Countdown and Monday Night Football shows. She is best known, though, for being Joe Buck’s wife. She was born in the United States, in the city of Denver, Colorado. Michelle went to Green Mountain High School, which is in the city of Lakewood. She went on to get a degree in journalism, which she got in 1995. But the name of the school she went to is still a secret.

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Michelle was interested in sports when she was young, and she even cheered for the Denver Broncos. She was captain there for four of the six years. She has been the host of the NFL Weekly Countdown on the NFL Network for the past eight years. She is known for her work in journalism and reporting. Michelle has talked to famous people like Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Texans defensive end JJ Watt during her time in journalism. Beisner worked for other networks like Fox Sports, CBS, NBC, Speed Channel, and others before joining ESPN.

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Know About Joe And Michelle’s Wedding And Kids

Joe Buck wedded Beisner in April 2014 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It happened a year after they got engaged in 2013. Even though we know all of this, we don’t know when or how they met in the first place. But since both of them are reporters, it is likely that they met at a networking event.

Joe Buck and His Wife Are Quarantining With Twin Toddlers

Buck has four kids from each of his two marriages. Trudy, who is 21 years old, and Natalie are his daughters with his ex-wife Archambault. Buck and Beisner had twin boys, Wyatt and Blake, who are now 3 years old. 

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According to Sun, Natalie went into the communications field as her father did. She is a Telecommunications Engineer and works as an intern at Fox 2, St. Louis. She is also an actress and has been in Superstore and Blue Bloods. She is also likely to be the main character in the short film Wilde Flowers. Trudy went into acting like her older sister and got her bachelor’s degree in Cinematic Arts from the University of Southern California. The twin boys that Buck and Beisner have are now four years old.

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