Who Is Kristine Leahy’s Husband? Meet Howie Liu!

Kristin is a married woman right now. Yeah, you read it right. Kristin Leahy got married to Howie Liu. She made it official by posting a photo on her Instagram account. In the caption, she wrote, “11.5.22 🤍.”

Kristine Leahy, who was born on October 16, 1986, is an American TV host and former sports reporter.

She is best known as a former host of NBC’s American Ninja Warrior. She used to be a co-host and newswoman for Fox Sports 1’s simulcast of The Herd with Colin Cowherd and was also an anchor and reporter for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles.

In 2018, Leahy started hosting Fair Game with Kristine Leahy on Fox Sports 1. The show was canceled in December 2019.

Who Is Kristine Leahy’s Husband?

Kristine Leahy got married to Howie Liu.

Howie Liu is the co-founder and CEO of Airtable, a cloud-based collaboration service that combines a spreadsheet and a database. It has the features of a database but is used like a spreadsheet.
Howie Liu was born in 1989 to Korean parents. 

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Liu grew up in College Station, Texas, where his father got a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Texas A&M University. Liu’s mother was a Chinese engineer who worked at McDonald’s and as a seamstress for minimum wage. Liu taught himself to code in C++ when he was 13.

He did this by finding an unread training book in his dad’s office. Liu went to Duke University when he was 16 and graduated in 2009 with a degree in mechanical engineering and public policy.

In September 2012, Howie Liu co-founded and became the CEO of Airtable, a cloud-based software company that combines a traditional spreadsheet with a database. He did this in San Francisco, California, with former Google Maps manager Andrew Ofstad as Chief Product Officer and Stack Overflow developer Emmett Nicholas as Chief Technology Officer.

Know About Kristine Leahy’s Past Relationship

Colin Cowherd

The attractive people Kristine Leahy works with Colin Cowherd. So, when two beautiful people work together and have great on-screen chemistry, it’s clear that rumors of an affair will follow them.

But Colin has dated beautiful women, which is another reason why people are guessing.
She was also seen on vacation with Cowherd, which she posted about on her social media accounts. In an Instagram post, she is shown spending time with him and having a good time.

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Aaron Hines

Aaron Hines is a doctor, the director of training at Cycle House Personal Trainer, and an instructor there. Kristine was seeing Hines behind his back. He was also in the reality show Hollywood Cycle, which used to be on E!

Sources say that the couple has been having an affair for a year. The reporter is very private, so she hasn’t confirmed her relationship or talked about it in public.

Even though she hasn’t talked about her relationship in public, she has posted pictures of them on her social media, especially Instagram. She has posted intimate pictures of herself and Aaron. They are clearly spending a lot of time together with a lot of passion.

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