Lake Baikal Aliens – The Truth Behind UFO Sightings At World’s Deepest Lake

Since ancient times, people have known that the huge Lake Baikal is very mysterious. However, in the last years of the Soviet Union and since then, it has been said that aliens and UFOs have been seen there.

At first, the Soviet government tried to hide these things, but later, the Russian media told the world about them.

Baikal, which is surrounded by mountains and has one-fifth of the world’s unfrozen freshwater, is said to be a place where aliens live. Military divers are said to have seen aliens in its depths, and large “spaceships” are said to hover over its grey, moody areas.

Some of these pictures show what two photographers said were UFOs flying over the lake, while others are fakes made by NTV based on what happened at Kudara-Somon, Buryatia, exactly 25 years ago.

Lake Baikal Aliens - The Truth Behind UFO Sightings At World's Deepest Lake

Several people have also seen bright objects in the sky that look like cigars flying over Lake Baikal like in the pic above. So what is the truth behind the many UFO sightings that defy logic and explanation, let’s find out.

Russian Navy Shares Information On Secret UFO Sightings

Fox News reports, according to the website of the English-language Russian news station Russia Today, the Russian Navy has declassified its records of UFO contacts, many of which take place in or near water.

According to a navy intelligence officer featured on the website, “they are most frequently sighted in the southern portion of the Bermuda Triangle, the Caribbean Sea, and the deepest region of the Atlantic Ocean.”

Six unidentified objects tracked a nuclear submarine in the Pacific in another event that was mentioned. The objects rose from the water and flew away when the sub surfaced, along with them.

The most intriguing report is that of military divers who came upon “a group of humanoid entities dressed in silvery suits” at a depth of 160 feet in the world’s deepest lake, Lake Baikal in Siberia. During the subsequent chase, three people perished.

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UFO And USO Sightings At Lake Baikal

On the southern shore of Lake Baikal, not far from the settlement of Slyudyanka, a peculiar TU-104 aviation crash happened in 1959. None of the detachments have reported the loss of the plane that crashed into Baikal.

The ship’s skipper allegedly told the dispatchers about an unexplained flying object moving in the sky before it crashed into the lake. A non-disclosure agreement had to be signed by everyone present in the control room at the moment. A flying saucer was seen trailing the falling plane by the lakeside fishermen as it followed the aircraft until it hit the water.

Russian ufologists planned an expedition to the crash site and spent some time there half a century afterwards. They claimed that the incident was caused by aliens who operate a covert base in the Slyudyanka region at the bottom of Lake Baikal.

Lake Baikal Aliens - The Truth Behind UFO Sightings At World's Deepest Lake

Ufologists even discovered the extraterrestrials and produced questionable-quality footage showing a UFO irrationally gliding across the night sky. The researchers did not provide an explanation for why the USO (unidentified swimming object), or more specifically, the camp of the UFO, was situated precisely at the depths of Baikal.

In 1982, there was yet another occurrence at the base of Lake Baikal. Similar to the first incident, there is little information available concerning this one, therefore speculation is the only source of information. Military divers allegedly came saw three-meter-tall humanoids in the northern region of Lake Baikal while wearing silver overalls and spherical helmets.

The divers abruptly rose to the surface as they attempted to use a network to capture the aliens. Four divers got disabled, and three divers died from aeremia (there were not enough seats in the low-pressure chamber). Another theory holds that these unidentified monsters killed the three dead divers.

Regarding a much more recent event, which occurred on July 9, 2009, at around 10 p.m., Sergey Konechnykh, the chairman of the Union of Photographers of Buryatia, was mentioned in Ulan-Ude.

We stepped outside to the balcony to see the last of the sunset. These two luminous dots suddenly appeared, hovering above the ocean.

Although his images of this occurrence are clear, they might create more concerns than they do answers. They depict two glows in the night sky that have an orange-red center and a yellow outside ring.

He claimed that the enigmatic ships lifted and changed bases somewhere else on the surface of Baikal.

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Is Lake Baikal Home To Aliens Or Does It Have An Alien Base?

Some claim that Irkutsk scientists used deep-sea submersibles to find enormous caterpillar-shaped remnants of alien vehicle tracks at the bottom of Lake Baikal. Many people have reported sighting triangles and fireballs that were translucent in a greenish hue hovering over the lake.

There is a perception that a USO (UFO) camp is somewhere in the depths of Lake Baikal as a result. perhaps two camps. Some claim that the camp at the bottom of Lake Baikal is actually a doorway between parallel universes rather than a camp at all. Unidentified flying objects may be the ambassadors of a civilization from a parallel world, claims one theory regarding the origin of UFOs.

Lake Baikal Aliens - The Truth Behind UFO Sightings At World's Deepest Lake

Unknown rational life could have arisen in the lake, according to one theory. This supposition may help to explain the 1982 occurrence with the odd human-like beings. But can Baikal today support a modern civilization? It is extremely unlikely.

Interestingly, neither Antarctica nor Baikal are referred to as alien settlements as frequently as other locations on Earth. With the first place, everything is obvious: it is out of reach for people and it is simple to conceal there. But what relevance does Baikal have to this? One can conceal more effectively than in plain sight virtually in the middle of Eurasia in vast areas of even deeper oceans.

But are there really that many locations in Asia and Europe that may offer as much depth as Baikal? The response is “no.” The imagined aliens would surely choose Baikal if they had to decide between a good distance from human civilization and the ideal sanctuary at the same time.

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