Know About Morgan Ortagus Husband, Jonathan Ross Weinberger!

Morgan Deann Ortagus is an American TV commentator, financial analyst, and political advisor who worked as a spokesperson for the US Department of State from 2019 to 2021. Before she became a State Department spokesperson, Ortagus worked at Fox News as a national security contributor. She is an officer in the United States Navy Reserve. Ortagus announced she would run for Tennessee’s 5th congressional district in the 2022 election in February 2022, but was disqualified by the Tennessee Republican Party.

Moving further into Morgan’s private life, she is a married woman. She has tied the knot with Jonathan Ross Weinberger, who is an executive vice president. In case you didn’t know, before she married Jonathan, Morgan was married to Joshua Dobbs. Later, they got a divorce, and not much has been discussed about Morgan’s first husband or marriage in the news.

Know About Morgan Ortagus Husband, Jonathan Ross Weinberger!

Keep reading this post till the end to know everything in detail about Morgan Ortagus’ husband and their relationship.

All You Need To Know About Morgan Ortagus Husband, Jonathan Ross Weinberger

Jonathan Ross works in Washington as an executive vice president for Veedims, a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that makes power and data-control systems for vehicles and buildings. He was the executive secretary of the United States Treasury in Washington from 2006 to 2007.

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He got his bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins and his master’s degree in international affairs from George Washington University. He also holds a law degree from American University and a Master of Laws in international finance from Georgetown.

Know About Morgan Ortagus Husband, Jonathan Ross Weinberger!

Jerry J. Weinberger and Judith L. Weinberger are his parents. They live and work in Scranton, Pa. The mother of the groom is a therapist who works with Keystone Community Resources to help young people. His father is a partner at the law firm Nogi, Appleton, Weinberger & Wren.

When Did Morgan And Jonathan Get Married?

Morgan Ortagus and Jonathan Ross Weinberger got married in 2013 in Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s office at the Supreme Court. Talking about their first meeting, it’s unknown how the pair met but it has been reported they met in the line of duty where Jonathan held several government positions.

Several friends and family came to their wedding reception. Morgan, who wore a red dress to her wedding, wrote in a tweet that she and her husband danced to “Lady in Red” as their first wedding song. Morgan’s husband calls his wife Bella. Morgan and Jonathan are happy together and often show off their love on social media. On May 25, 2022, they celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary. She captioned the photo, “9 years with my boo”

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This lovely couple has been together for a very long time and in the year 2020, they were blessed with the arrival of a beautiful baby girl named Adina. Morgan is very kind to her followers and regularly posts images of her cute child and loving husband. 

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