Know About Nathan Griffith’s Girlfriend As He Is Arrested For Domestic Battery

Nathan Griffith is a popular Reality Star from the United States. He is famous for being the ex-boyfriend of Jenelle Evans, who shared a role on Teen Mom 2 with Chelsea Houska. Recently Nathan Griffith was arrested for domestic battery after he allegedly choked a woman.

Police went to the former reality TV star’s home in Delray Beach, Fla., on Friday after he allegedly told his brother-in-law, William, over the phone that he had “lost it,” choked a woman, and dragged her up the stairs. The woman, whose name hasn’t been made public, didn’t want to talk to the police at first, but she later said that he had been “physically aggressive” with her. Around her neck, the police also saw bruises. 

The news outlet got a copy of the police report, which says that she yelled, “I weigh about 100 pounds and he weighs 250 pounds. How in the hell am I going to get him off of me?” Griffith has been charged with domestic battery by strangulation and is being held at the Palm Beach County jail without a bond.

Griffith married May Oyola, 38, in a secret ceremony in Miami in April 2022. The name of the woman is kept secret by the police. The US Sun says that she is currently living in the house where he was arrested. This article goes into detail about his current wife and his previous relationships.

Meet Nathan Griffith’s Wife, May Oyola

Nathan Griffith and May Oyola got married in secret last month. Griffith, who is 34 years old, told people on Facebook on May 6, 2022 that he “married May Oyola today” when he changed his relationship status. Since then, the MTV star has taken down the post. Us Weekly confirmed on Monday, May 9, that the Teen Mom 2 star did get married to Oyola, whose full name is Mayra Oyola. Court records show that they got married on April 30 in Miami Beach, Florida.

Know About Nathan Griffith's Girlfriend As He Is Arrested For Domestic Battery

Not much is known about Griffith’s new wife, Oyola, but the docs said she was born in Argentina and lives in Miami, where the reality star does as well. Her Instagram page shows that Griffith’s wife likes music and cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles. She teased on social media, “Member of #eaglesnation,” and added, “Music is my world.”

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Nathan Was Previously Engaged To Jenelle Evans

Nathan Griffith used to date Jenelle Evans, but they broke up. Between 2014 and 2015, they were an item for less than a year. The report says that they have a son together.

Know About Nathan Griffith's Girlfriend As He Is Arrested For Domestic Battery

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Griffith and his ex-girlfriend Jenelle Evans were both introduced in season 2 of Teen Girls in 2011. Since they were on the show, their relationship has been all over the place. In 2014, they were engaged for a year and then broke up the next year. After Griffith was arrested for domestic violence in the spring of 2015, the two broke up. The two gave their relationship a second chance for a short time before Evans said in August of that year that they were no longer going to get married. They also have a son together, but the public does not know much about the child.

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