Who Is Jemima Kirke’s Husband? Meet Alex Cameron

Jemima Jo M. Kirke is an artist, an actress, and a director who is both British and American. She became famous all over the world for her role as Jessa Johansson on the HBO show Girls. As a favor to her childhood friend Lena Dunham, she made her first film appearance in the independent short Smile for the Camera in 2005. She then made her first full-length film appearance in Tiny Furniture in 2003. In 2017, she was in the music video for Zayn’s song “Dusk Till Dawn,” which also had Sia in it.

Besides doing great work as an artist, Jemima also has a fascinating personal love life. She is married to her love, Alex Cameron, and they are very happy. In 2020, they got married. In this article, we’ll talk in detail about their relationship and her previous marriage.

Jemima Kirke Is Married To Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron is an Aussie singer-songwriter who was born on September 11, 1988, in Sydney. He is best known for his solo career, which started out as a high-concept act in which Cameron pretended to be a failed performer. Cameron’s “business partner” and saxophonist Roy Molloy often play with him on stage.

Who Is Jemima Kirke's Husband? Meet Alex Cameron

In 2013, Cameron gave his first album, Jumping the Shark, away for free on his website. Miami Memory, his third album from a studio, came out in September 2019. Cameron has said that his relationship with Kirke is the biggest inspiration for Miami Memory. Oxy Music was his fourth studio album. It came out in March 2022.

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Inside Kirke And Alex Cameron’s Relationship

Kirke met Alex Cameron, an Australian singer-songwriter, in 2017 when Cameron was making Kirke’s album “Forced Witness.” The singer told The Fader, “She had heard one of my songs and wanted to make a video for ‘Stranger’s Kiss.'” Kirke told the outlet that he and Cameron spent more time together outside of their professional relationship after they worked together on Cameron’s music video, which Kirke directed. The Guardian says that soon after they started dating, Cameron moved in with Kirke and her kids in New York City.

Who Is Jemima Kirke's Husband? Meet Alex Cameron

Even though they have been dating for almost five years, they are still going strong and continue to work together. They got married in 2020 in a private ceremony. Kirke directed the music video for Cameron’s song “Best Life” from his album “Oxy Music,” which came out in March 2022. In March 2022, when they talked about their relationship, the singer told Range, “Jemima is very smart, very smarter than most people, and she has the best taste in the world. I’ve never met anyone whose ideas even came close to Jemima’s. She’s just amazing.”

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Jemima Was Previously Married To A Lawyer Michael Mosberg

Kirke told Vice in a 2012 interview that she met former lawyer Michael Mosberg at a doctor’s office when she had bronchitis. “I don’t remember why he was there, but I liked him and gave him my number. We’ve been together for four years, and we’ve been married for three “she told at that time.

Who Is Jemima Kirke's Husband? Meet Alex Cameron

Kirke and Mosberg hit it off right away, no matter how they met. A year after they met, in 2008, they got married. Kirke told Purple Magazine in 2012 about getting married at age 24: “I finally wanted to know what it was like to be happy, so I went against my plan, fell in love with a lawyer from Long Island, and then had a child.” They have two kids together: Rafaella Israel (born in 2010) and Memphis (born in 2012).

They stayed together until 2017, when, after seven years of marriage, they broke up. Kirke said that their marriage was hard because of many things, including how they talked to each other and her acting career. In 2017, the actress told W Magazine: “I wish the conversation we had gone something like, “Yeah, I’m having trouble in my marriage right now,” but I don’t think we were able to talk about it because, once again, society thinks that everything is either good or bad, or right or wrong. But it’s wrong to stay married even if you’re unhappy.” She also told that acting made her think about herself and figure out what she really wanted.

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