Nicole Zavala Pays Tribute To Her Secret Boyfriend Demetrius Big ‘Meach’!

Nicole Zavala is a well-known model and hostess of events who was born in Columbia. In addition to this, she is an actor who has participated in the television series Cartel Crew, which made its debut on VH1 in the year 2019.

Additionally, this stunning babe is an Instagram celebrity who is famous for uploading her nude and semi-nude photos on this social media site.

Nicole Zavala spent her childhood in Cali, Columbia, where she was born. To be honest, not much is known about her youth, but it seems as though she enjoyed a fairly normal existence, and she had no trouble meeting the majority of her basic requirements.

Aside from Nicole, In this article, we will also discuss who is Nicole Javala’s lover?

Who Is Nicole Javala’s Boyfriend?

Nicole was in a relationship with Demetrius Big Meach.

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Nicole had been quite discreet about her relationship up until this point. Even those closest to her are in the dark about her connection to Demetrius Big Meach. Even her fans are curious about the status of her romantic life. Following the many inquiries that were directed at her, she revealed in an Instagram story that the couple’s connection was strictly confidential.

Nicole Zavala Pays Tribute To Her Secret Boyfriend Demetrius Big ‘Meach’!

Nicole Tribute To Her Boyfriend

When Nicole announced the passing of a loved one on Instagram, it brought this relationship to the forefront of public attention. The posts all had captions that said, “This morning I just got the call that They took the most important person in my life away from me today my best friend & the love of my life my heart the realist ever these past few years with you I will never forget I love you unconditionally idk how to move forward idk how I will cope with this mentally I don’t know how I’m going to continue to live my life regularly without you in it Im forever heart broken everybody knows how much you meant the world to me you was my entire world god please help me please pray for me my life completely changed nobody will ever take your place ever your forever in my heart Love you beyond .”

She further added,”Loving you here there then now forever & after I love you today & forever !!! God Please help me Please all I’m saying is to pray for me because I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life moving forward . Forever in my heart I love you I love you I love you I love you forever forever nobody will ever take your place nobody nobody nobody will take your spot ever I promise you you will never ever be replaceable Demetrius Big Meach my love 🙏🏼❤️ Love you forever papi 💔”.

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This caption how much she is broken after the passing of her loved one.

Reactions Of Netizens To Sudden Demise Of Nicole’s Partner

lil_ms.monroe expressed her condolences as,” I love you Nicole please baby stay strong your my sister. We need you baby I’m here for you. You know this. I love you stay strong my condolences mami you need me u call me at anytime ! Please pray for Nicole guys this is beyond heart breaking I know how much you loved this man.”

Another user debra_ann_kateri wrote,”Anyone know how he passed? So sorry Nicole sending you love and light”. However, the cause of death is not revealed yet.

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