Know About Robert Hanssen’s Wife As The Spy Dies At 79

Former FBI agent Robert P. Hanssen, known for his extensive espionage activities on behalf of Moscow throughout the Cold War and beyond, has been found dead in his prison cell in Colorado. At the age of 79, Hanssen was serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary Florence. The Federal Bureau of Prisons announced that he was discovered unresponsive and despite efforts by emergency medical workers, he could not be revived. This development marks the end of a notorious spy scandal that shook the FBI and the American government, as it was revealed that Hanssen had been clandestinely providing sensitive information to the enemy for over two decades. Regarded as “the most damaging spy in bureau history,” Hanssen’s actions continue to leave a lasting impact on the nation’s security apparatus.

Following her passing, numerous inquiries have arisen regarding Robert Hanssen’s personal life, particularly concerning his wife. This article aims to delve into the details of his wife’s personal life and shed light on the matter.

Who Is Robert Hanssen’s Wife?

Bonnie Hanssen, previously known as Bernadette Kleinschmidt, is Robert Hanssen’s wife. They married in 1968 and have six children together. Bonnie played a crucial role in their marriage, raising their children and supporting Robert in his career.

Know About Robert Hanssen's Wife As The Spy Dies At 79

There is very less information about her on the internet. However, when Robert was arrested in 2001, she has broken up with her husband’s espionage activities. In her statement, she expressed deep regret for the damage caused by her husband and believes that his lifelong imprisonment is a suitable punishment. As a devout Catholic, Bonnie believes that he needs time in prison to seek forgiveness and redemption through prayer. She supports the plea agreement that spared him from the death penalty and instead imposed a sentence of life in prison without parole if he cooperates fully by disclosing all the secrets behind his spying career.

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Know About Robert Hanssen’s Personal Life

Robert Hanssen was born and raised in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, to a Lutheran family of Norwegian descent. His father, a Chicago police officer, was reportedly emotionally abusive during his childhood. After graduating from William Howard Taft High School in 1962, Hanssen pursued a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, which he completed in 1966.

Know About Robert Hanssen's Wife As The Spy Dies At 79

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Initially aspiring to work in cryptography at the National Security Agency, Hanssen’s plans were derailed due to budget constraints. He then enrolled in dental school at Northwestern University but eventually shifted his focus to business studies. In 1971, Hanssen obtained an MBA in accounting and information systems. He briefly worked at an accounting firm before joining the Chicago Police Department as an internal affairs investigator specializing in forensic accounting.

In January 1976, Hanssen made a career move and joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It was during his time at dental school that he met Bernadette “Bonnie” Wauck, a devout Roman Catholic. The couple tied the knot in 1968, and Hanssen converted to his wife’s Catholic faith.

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