UFO Beach Texas Isn’t About Aliens, It’s A Nude Beach

In a very remote part of South Padre Island, Texas, there is said to be a nudist beach with a name that sounds like something from outer space. UFO Beach has everything to do with the Texas Gulfcoast way of life and almost nothing to do with aliens.

This remote place is known as one of the best nudist beaches in the country, so it’s hard to call it quiet and out of the way. Instead, it’s popular with college students. If you want a quiet place to take off your clothes, meditate in the sun, and connect with nature, this is probably not the place for you, especially during spring break.

UFO Beach Texas Isn't About Aliens, It's A Nude Beach

But if you don’t mind being around a lot of people and having fun, join in. They even have parties at the beach sometimes! Let’s find out everything about this fun and unique beach with an extraterrestrial name but very earthly fun vibes.

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How Did UFO Beach Get Its Name?

So what was the inspiration for the name UFO Beach? South Padre Island’s UFO Beach got its name from an emergency evacuation pod that looked like a UFO and washed up on the beach. It looks like a small spaceship from another world.

An account written by a blogger in the Rio Grande Republic

The ocean buoy that washed ashore years ago after a hurricane became a landmark with the locals. It was moved due to a sand dune restoration project and is now approximately at Mile 7, slightly south of the border of the wildlife reserve.

Later, people who went to the beach painted it with bright colors and wrote “Nude Beach” and “No Tan Lines” on it.

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Is The UFO Beach Officially A Nude Beach?

Great question. Yes, if one were to follow precedent. However, from a legal standpoint, that is a big no.

UFO Beach Texas Isn't About Aliens, It's A Nude Beach

Because nudity is against the law in the area, it is best to cover yourself when the beach patrols arrive. They might react in very different ways to the fact that you are not wearing your swimsuit, and they might even give you a ticket for disrupting the peace. However, ladies are permitted to sunbathe without tops, which means that you just need to worry about protecting the bottom half of your body from the sun.

At UFO Beach, the sand is white, very fine, and soft, making it nice to touch and walk on barefoot. The beach is long and clean, so you can walk along it and take in the views. The Gulf is a huge body of water that is very blue and shines in the sun. The best way to beat the summer heat is to swim in these beautiful waters. There is no shade, so bring hats, umbrellas, and lots of sunscreen.

How To Reach The UFO Beach

The UFO Beach is 7 to 8 miles north of the South Padre Sand Dunes on Texas’s South Padre Island, which is about 20 miles from Brownsville. Because the road ends at South Padre Sand Dunes, you need a four-wheel drive or to walk along the hot beach to get to UFO Beach.

Be aware that there are no facilities at all on the beach. There are no showers, bathrooms, changing rooms, or even porta-potties.

Beaches nearby

Additionally, there’s a number of beaches near UFO Beach which you can visit:

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