Who Is Alyssa Milano’s Husband? All You Need To Know!

Alyssa Jayne Milano is an actress, producer, singer, writer, and activist from the United States.

Alyssa Milano has been married to Dave Bugliari for almost a decade. Before Bugliari, Milano was married for a short time in 1999 to Cinjun Tate, who was in the rock band Remy Zero. At the age of 26, Milano got divorced from her then-husband.

It looks like both Milano and Bugliari are doing well, which is good news. In 2015, she told the sources that she and her boyfriend would never get a divorce.

She said, “Marriage is work, and there’s no one I’d rather work with.” “Laughing is the most important thing. Having a good laugh with someone can help you get through anything.”

Who Is Alyssa Milano's Husband? All You Need To Know!

In this post, we’ll explore all about Alyssa Milano, and details regarding her personal life.

Know About Dave Bugliari, Alyssa Milano’s Husband

Dave Bugliari is an American agent. Born on December 17, 1980, he was the head soccer coach at an elite private school for a long time.

David works for the Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles. This company represents actors, actresses, and professional sports players. Bradley Cooper is one of his close friends.

Who Is Alyssa Milano's Husband? All You Need To Know!

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He is active on social media and shares posts in which he can be seen spending time with Alyssa Milano and helping her fight for charities like UNICEF and PETA. Bugliari is co-head of motion picture talent at Creative Artists Agency and an important member of the team.

Alyssa And Dave Are The Parents Of Two Children

The couple share two children together.

They had a son named Milo in 2011 and a daughter named Elizabella in 2014.

Milano told Us that she sees “traits” of both her and her husband in both of her kids, which she says is “what having kids is all about. My daughter is very caring and has a lot of empathy,” she said. “My son is strong and well put together.”

Who Is Alyssa Milano's Husband? All You Need To Know!

To Milano, though, “raising kids who are socially aware and conscious” is the most important part of being a parent. In August 2018, she told that she wanted Milo and Elizabella to be caring like her, “but still have childhoods and not be terrified from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to sleep like their mother.”

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Last Year, Alyssa Milano Met With A Car Accident

Last year, Alyssa Milano was in a car accident. Her uncle passed out while driving, and she was with him at the time. People magazine got a press release from the California Highway Patrol that said Alyssa Milano was in the front passenger seat of the Ford Edge SUV when the accident happened on a Los Angeles freeway.

A report says that Milano couldn’t stop the car before it went into the other lane and hit a passing black SUV. He got help from a good Samaritan, who helped him stop the car between two lanes of traffic on the freeway. But the black SUV left the scene of the accident.

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