Who Is Cha Chung-Hwa Husband? The Actress Gets Married

On October 27, actress Cha Chung Hwa, well-known for her role in the popular series “Mr. Queen,” tied the knot. Her management company, IOK Company, shared some stunning photographs to commemorate this momentous occasion, and they also issued an official statement.

Cha’s agency officially announced on October 11, 2023, that she was set to marry a younger businessman later in the same month. The wedding took place in Seoul on October 27, 2023, and it was an intimate affair, attended only by her immediate family and close friends.

In the following sections, we will delve into all the available details regarding actress Cha Chung-Hwa’s wedding and the mysterious groom. So, continue reading to find out more!

Cha Chung-Hwa Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Cha Chung’s husband, who is not a public figure, has kept his identity private. However, some videos of him have surfaced on the internet, in which his face is visible. There are no more details about him.

Who Is Cha Chung-Hwa Husband? The Actress Gets Married

According to a report from Soompi, the actress’s agency has shared a couple of captivating images of her in her wedding attire, which have quickly gained popularity on social media.

In the first photo, Cha Chung Hwa is captured beaming, with a close-up showcasing her radiant white lace gown. She adorned her look with elegant flower-shaped earrings and styled her hair in a charming messy knot. Another snapshot features her in a different white gown, while a third photo unveils her complete wedding attire, complete with a long veil and Cha is seated on a chair, exuding sheer beauty on her special day.

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Cha Chung-Hwa Gets Married: Her Agency Released A Statement

On October 11, Cha Chung Hwa’s talent agency, IOK Company, shared the news of her upcoming wedding later in the month. The wedding was planned to take place on October 27 in Seoul and was intended to be an intimate event, with only close family and friends in attendance, as her soon-to-be husband was not a public figure.

On the morning of Cha Chung Hwa’s wedding day, which was October 27, IOK Company issued a statement along with gorgeous wedding photos of the actress known for her role in “Crash Landing On You.”

Who Is Cha Chung-Hwa Husband? The Actress Gets Married

As per the reports, the agency wrote, “Please give lots of blessings to Cha Chung Hwa who is preparing for a new start. Cha Chung Hwa, who always acts with sincerity, plans to repay [viewers] with great acting as an actress in the future, so please give her lots of support.”

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The agency previously stated, “Cha Chung-hwa is getting married to a younger businessman in Seoul on October 27. As the groom-to-be is a non-celebrity, we ask for your understanding that we cannot provide detailed information about him.”

Congratulations to Cha Chung-Hwa for beginning a new chapter of life and wishing her a happy married life.

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