Who Is Jennette McCurdy’s Boyfriend? Know About Her Previous Relationships!

Jennette McCurdy is now a writer and director. She quit acting in 2018 because she didn’t like it, and she has made a number of short films that have been shown at film festivals.

The child star started acting when she was six years old. She has been in movies and TV shows like “Mad TV,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Medium,” “Judging Amy,” “Hollywood Homicide,” “Will and Grace,” and more. Even though she didn’t like acting, she decided to do it after seeing Harrison Ford in “Star Wars.” She also had to be the breadwinner by the time she was ten because her family was poor.

Apart from her professional life, fans want to know about her relationship history along with rumors. Read on to know in detail.

Is Jennette McCurdy Currently Dating?

As of 2022, it is known that Jennette is not with anyone. The star of Sam & Cat was born in Los Angeles on June 26, 1992. She has never been married.

Jennette McCurdy is active on Instagram under the handle @jennettemccurdy, where she has gained millions of followers. She doesn’t drop any indications about her love life on any of her social media profiles at all.

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We’ll let you know if any new information about this comes up. Keep reading to know more.

Jennette McCurdy’s Past Relationships:

Graham Patrick Martin

Even though it has never been proven, there were rumors that Jennette dated actor Graham Patrick Martin when they were teenagers. Graham was even on the show iCarly in 2009. He is dating actress and influencer Dominique Druckman right now.

Max Ehrich

Who Is Jennette McCurdy's Boyfriend? Know About Her Previous Relationships!

Before his short-lived engagement to Demi Lovato, some fans thought Max Ehrich dated Jennette because he was on iCarly in 2010. Max even had to come out and say that he and Jennette had never been more than friends, even though they liked each other as friends.

Andre Drummond

The NBA player Andre Drummond and Jennette first connected on social media, but in 2013, they made that connection real by going out on dates. Some people were surprised to find this recently, in part because it seems like such an odd match. In the end, though, Jennette and Andre’s relationship seems to have ended pretty quickly, the following year.

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Paul Glaser

Jennette confirmed in an interview with Vulture in 2015 that she had dated Paul Glaser, who was the script manager for iCarly. Jennette even posted some pictures of them together on social media. Even though it seems like they had some good times together, Jennette broke up with Paul when she found out that her mother’s cancer had come back. She said that she needed to deal with the loss of her mother alone.

Who Is Jennette McCurdy's Boyfriend? Know About Her Previous Relationships!

Jesse Carere

Jennette said in the same Vulture interview that she had been dating her co-star on the show Between, Jesse Carere, for more than a year. It’s not clear how or why the relationship ended, but fans noticed when she took down a lot of pictures of them on social media in 2016. Jennette was honest with Vulture about her relationship and about what she thought about love. Jennette said at the time, “I feel like I’m learning to love in all the right ways and to accept love for who I am instead of a better version of myself.” “I think I learned to be whoever people needed me to be at a young age.”

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