Who Is Jo Lindner AKA Joesthetics Girlfriend? Know About His Transformation Journey

Jo Lindner, most popularly known as Joesthetics, is a fitness star from Germany. He is known for his ripped and aesthetically pleasing physique. There are numerous videos and photographs of Jo online, demonstrating his dedication to the fitness lifestyle.

Along with being a fitness celebrity, he is also a social media influencer. Joesthetics has achieved a great fan following on social media platforms. As of this writing, on his YouTube channel, @xRaFFniX, he has amassed 646K subscribers. As well as on Instagram, he got millions of followers under the username @joesthetics.

And now talking about his private life, he has a girlfriend, Nicha. However, very little is known about her. In this post, we’ll uncover all the details we know about Joesthetics’ girlfriend and more regarding Jo’s personal life.

Joesthetics AKA Jo Lindner’s Girlfriend: Who Is She

Joesthetics has never publicly said who his girlfriend is, but if you look at his Instagram, you can figure out who the mystery girl is. Last year on August 4, Lindner posted a video and mentioned someone named Nicha.

Who Is Jo Lindner AKA Joesthetics Girlfriend? Know About His Transformation Journey

Nicha is quite active on Instagram. You may find her under the handle @immapeaches, where she has amassed 75K followers till now. According to her Instagram bio, she mentions herself as a personal fitness coach. She is into health and fitness like Jo, and she often posts pictures of herself working out. She also gives online training.

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Nicha keeps posting photos with Jo Lindner, who is her boyfriend. A few days ago, she uploaded a glamorous photo with Jo and captioned it, “Time will allow us to learn more about each other. Just hold on and let’s grow together❤️”

This seems that the couple is still together and going strong. However, there are no more details known about the couple’s relationship. We would like to update you when further details emerge.

Is Jo Lindner’s Body Transformation Natural?

In a video, Lindner admitted that his transformation is not a natural one. He told his audience about how he used drugs because he was sick of people talking about it. Jo is clearly in gear because he has a crazy combination of size and strength and conditioning.

Jo reminds us that you must choose 2 of these 3 options: Big, Shredded, and natural.

Joe’s results show he’s “picked” being jacked and shredded. You usually can’t choose all 3, unless you’re an advanced natural bodybuilder who works hard and smart.

Who Is Jo Lindner AKA Joesthetics Girlfriend? Know About His Transformation Journey

Jo said specifically that you could hear a little bit of everything in his case. It covers a wide range of worries about using steroids.

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People who are “in the know” already knew that Jo was using it, but the point is that it took this video for the rest of the world to figure out what was going on. It shouldn’t have gotten to the point where people teased him about his use or called him out for using “very high” doses of steroids, but it’s good in a way that people forced him to be honest about his use.

Jo also says that he doesn’t recommend it to anyone else and that it’s unique to his situation. He didn’t tell everyone that steroids are great or that newer bodybuilders should take them for fun.

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