Josh Flagg Is Dating Andrew Beyer And Planning To Marry

In April of this year, Josh Flagg announced on Instagram that he had started dating someone new. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles cast member confirmed he was dating again many weeks after his split from Bobby Boyd, and he shared a cute photo of himself and his new beau.

The 37-year-old star of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” revealed to Page Six in an exclusive interview that he is considering proposing to his 23-year-old lover and fellow real estate agent, Andrew Beyer.

Josh Flagg Is Dating Andrew Beyer And Planning To Marry

In March, Josh issued a statement on Instagram announcing his divorce. Towards the end of the same month, he confirmed he was dating again, having started a new relationship not long before. In this post, we will discuss Josh Flagg’s relationship with his boyfriend Andrew Beyer.

Josh Flagg Introduces New Boyfriend In “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” Trailer

Real estate agent Josh Flagg introduced his new boyfriend, Andrew Beyer, in the first teaser for Season 14 of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles,” even while his divorce from ex-boyfriend Bobby Boyd continues.

Just two weeks after he and Boyd announced their separation, Josh began seeing Andrew as he later acknowledged to his coworkers Josh Altman and Tracy Tutor.

Altman was shocked and said, “Oh my God, just take time.” Flagg told him, “We’re not getting married today.”

Josh Flagg Is Dating Andrew Beyer And Planning To Marry

Beyer’s first appearance in “MDLLA” is at a romantic dinner scene between Flagg and him, and the two appear to be deeply in love.

Beyer comments, “I feel like I’m on an extended sleepover with my best friend,” and Flagg answers, “I love you angel.”

The couple’s theatrical romance isn’t without its bumps, unfortunately. Flagg exposes a “caveat” that he and Boyd, 36, must co-list a property in Little Holmby because neither of them is willing to give it up on their own.

Flagg storms off set after Tutor and Altman inform him they’ve also been hanging out with Boyd, further dividing the cast as the on-screen drama of their divorce unfolds.

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Flagg Says He Tries To “Avoid Contact” With Ex-Husband Boyd

“In my last relationship, everything was a fight and everything was, you know, competing with me,” Flagg told Page six, talking about his relationship with Boyd, who also works in real estate and appeared on “MDLLA.”

Andrew is like, “I could care less. I hope you do the best of everyone.’ My last person… The opposite is what his actions would show. … It didn’t matter what I did, people always said, “Oh, this was given to you, this was that, you didn’t make your business.” It wasn’t nice at all.”

Josh Flagg Is Dating Andrew Beyer And Planning To Marry

Flagg says he tries to “avoid contact” with Boyd, though they have managed to keep their separation amiable — for the most part.

“We’re cordial. He says, “Well, I guess it depends on the day of the week or what he wants.” “I’d say that we’re friendly.”

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Flagg thinks that his relationship with Boyd, whom he married in a fancy ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel in September 2017, taught him important lessons that have helped him court Beyer.

“I found out a lot. I think I used to be a good boyfriend. I mean, it seems likely that the other person would disagree. I think I’ve become a little less self-centered. “I definitely grew up,” he says.

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