Who Is Laura Linney’s Husband? Know About Her Personal Life!

Laura Leggett Linney is a famous American actress. She has won a number of awards, such as two Golden Globe Awards and four Primetime Emmy Awards. She has also been nominated for three Academy Awards and five Tony Awards.

Linney graduated from Brown University in 1986. She later joined Group 19, which included Jeanne Tripplehorn, and studied acting at the Juilliard School. Linney earned an honorary doctor of fine arts degree from Brown in 2003. Linney made her directorial debut on television in 2022 with the eleventh episode of Ozark’s final season (“Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin'”).

Now, Linnet’s personal life has piqued the interest of her fans. In 1995, Linney married actor David Adkins. In 2000, they got a divorce. Currently, she’s married to Marc Schauer. In this post, we’ll explore everything about Laura Linney’s married life and more you need to know.

Laura Linney Is Happily Married To Marc Schauer: Relationship Details

Linney met her husband at the 2004 Telluride, Colorado, film festival, where he was working as a host. “He was the guy who said, ‘Hi, welcome to Telluride,'” the actress told The New York Times.

Who Is Laura Linney's Husband? Know About Her Personal Life!

Once they became friends, Linney was very aware of how well they got along. She went on, “I remember looking at him at one point and thinking, ‘Am I attracted to this man?

After the event, the two people sent each other emails and agreed to meet again in Chicago. And when they saw each other again, Linney said, “I looked at him, and all my worries went away.” So I thought, “Oh, this will be okay.” And we fell hard and fast for each other.”

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In 2007, Marc proposed to her, and then two years later i.e. in May 2009, the couple tied the knot and happily ever after. Linney gave birth to a son on January 8, 2014.

Meet Marc Schauer, Laura Linney’s Husband

Despite the fact that Marc Schauer is married to a well-known actress, he has maintained his anonymity throughout their relationship. Schauer loves his wife and children. He is more than just the husband of a well-known actress, though. He worked his way up in the real estate business. As a counselor for drug and alcohol use, he has also done a lot for society.

Who Is Laura Linney's Husband? Know About Her Personal Life!

He is an American real estate broker who is better known outside of the US as the husband of popular American actress, singer, and director Laura Linney. Linney has been respected for her work in Hollywood for over 30 years.

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Meet Laura Linney’s Family

Laura Linney’s parents are Romulus Linney and Ann Leggett. Romulus Linney is Laura Linney’s father. He is a playwright and professor by trade.

Ann Leggett is the name of Laura Linney’s mother, and she works as a nurse at a Cancer Hospital. Her parents got a divorce when she was only 6 months old, and her mother took her to Manhattan to raise her. She has a half-sister named Susan from her father’s second marriage.

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