Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2022? Rumors Of Relationship With Andrew Davila

Alexa Brooke Rivera, better known as Lexi Rivera is an Internet star and gymnast from the United States. She was born on June 7, 2001. She first became well-known by appearing in her older brother Brent Rivera’s videos. Later, Lexi Rivera started making videos on her own. She is now working for Amp Studios, which is a company that her brother, Brent Rivera, started.

Lexi started her channel on August 21, 2010, and makes videos with her friends Ben Azelart, Andrew Davilla, Caleb Burton, Stokes Twins, Dominic Brack, Pierson Wodzynski, and Lexi Hensler, all of whom are also members of Amp World. Her friends thought she was dating Ben, Andrew, and Dom. She mostly makes prank videos with her friends and vlogs.

Her Instagram account, lexibrookerivera, has more than 8.4 million followers, and her Tiktok account has over 14 million. Her immense fan base is interested to know about her life details like who she is dating in 2022 and we are going to cover that in this article.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating In 2022?

Lexi Rivera is claimed to be linked to Andrew Davila, an influencer. Though the rumors were never confirmed, the two have long been friends and have collaborated on social media videos. Lexi posted a video titled MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND on her YouTube channel, causing followers to believe she is dating Andrew. In the video, she allegedly fooled her ex, Ben Azelart, into thinking she and Andrew were dating.

Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating? Complete Details!

Furthermore, she emphasizes at the beginning of the video that the two are “just friends,” despite the prank. Because he is always filming TikToks with Lexi for their accounts, fans believe they are secretly dating.

Nevertheless, neither party has come forward to say for certain whether or not they are dating.

What Do The Fans Have to Say About Lexi and Andrew?

In the comments area of the prank video, Lexi provided, several fans couldn’t believe she wasn’t dating Andrew in real life. “Realize how she always uses Andrew in every video she pranks Ben like anything flirty or whatever,” one YouTube user commented.
“‘Lexi and Andrew are only friends, but you never know how love will end,’ oh my, they’re in love,” one person wrote.

“Why do you break Ben’s heart so many times, I feel so bad for Ben,” wrote a third.

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Who Is Ben Azelart?

Lexi’s ex-boyfriend, Ben Azelart, is also a social media influencer. He has around 5.7 million Instagram followers and over 7 million YouTube subscribers.

The couple had been dating on and off since she was 15, and they declared their breakup with a YouTube video titled We Broke Up.

In response to their breakup, Ben said, “I believe what was tough was we wanted to make you people happy as well as make ourselves happy.” However, I believe we failed to achieve both in the end.” He also said that they needed to spend “separate” time together.

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What Is Lexi Rivera’s Net Worth?

Lexi Rivera’s estimated net worth is $2 million. Lexi Rivera’s status as a well-known Youtuber and social media influencer is a primary reason for her getting endorsement deals which results in a sizable income She started her YouTube account in 2010 and revived it in 2018.

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