Who Is Mimi Morris’ Husband? All You Need To Know!

On October 5, Netflix went back to the luxurious world of Bling Empire. Mimi Morris, who appeared in Season 2, is back for Season 3.

Mimi Morris has been a model, an entrepreneur, and is now a philanthropist. According to E! News, Mimi has six brothers and sisters.

Morris, who is 52, was born in Vietnam, where she had a hard time growing up. A Netflix statement says that she and her siblings had to live in “a big hole in the ground with not much food or water” for two years when she was 7 years old because of the Vietnam War.

She later moved to Los Angeles with everything she owned. Now, she is a celebrity and wears Chanel and Gucci all day long. She is now married to Donald Morris and has three beautiful children: a son who is 30 years old, a daughter who is 26 years old, and a son who is 9 years old.

Meet Donald Morris AKA Don Morris

Donald Morris, also known as Don Morris, is Mimi Morris’s husband. He is currently the CEO of Morris Group International, a company that specializes in making products for the commercial, institutional, government, hospitality, and healthcare construction markets. Don is one of the wealthiest men in LA.

Who Is Mimi Morris' Husband? All You Need To Know!

Donald started working at the Morris Company almost 53 years ago, in 1969. He has been there ever since and has been able to keep the brand intact.

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Morris was also named The Wholesaler’s 2017 Person of the Year for having all the right qualities, such as accountability, character, courage, commitment, graciousness, the ability to inspire, loyalty, respectability, and most of all, the ability to be reached. Earl L. Morris, the father of Donald Morris, started the Earl L. Morris Company in 1945. In 1954, he started the Acorn Engineering Company.

When Mimi And Don Morris Tied The Knot

From a tribute post, Morris made, it looks like the couple has been together for about 11 years. It looks like they got married on July 15, 2011. On July 15, 2022, Mimi shared a post on Instagram, which says, “
“As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change… I will always keep falling in love with you. “ ❤️ Happy Anniversary.”

Know About Mimi Morris’ Kids

Mimi and Don Morris are parents to three kids. Skyler, the couple’s 9-year-old son, is the one who is most often seen on their social media accounts.

So don’t be surprised if he makes a few guest appearances on the show now and then.

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Know About Don And Mimi Morris’ Net Worth

Taking into account Don’s assets and sources of income, we can safely say that he has a net worth of about $800 million right now. On the other hand, there is still a question mark over Mimi’s exact net worth. Still, it has been estimated that the couple’s combined net worth is easily over $1 billion. Also, with Don’s business growing and Mimi starting a career on reality TV, this number is likely to go up soon.

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