Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022? A Look At Her Dating History

Ruby Rose Langenheim is an Australian model, actress, and TV host who was born on March 20, 1986. Rose was a host on MTV Australia from 2007 to 2011. After that, she did a few high-profile modeling jobs, one of which was for Maybelline New York in Australia.

Her first single, “Guilty Pleasure,” came out at the end of 2012. Her fashion line, Milk and Honey by Ruby Rose, came out in 2010. In 2019, she got the role of Batwoman on the CW show Batwoman.

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022? A Look At Her Dating History

Ruby Rose seems to be single and ready to date at the moment, but the Australian movie, TV, and radio star has been linked to many people over the years. But she’s always been shy, especially when people ask her about the love of her life. This has led to even more rumors. Read on to learn who Ruby Rose is dating in 2022.

Ruby Rose Dating History

Even though almost all of Ruby’s Instagram posts now are about her work, one post from May of last year made people think that the former Orange Is the New Black and Batwoman star was dating Riverdale actor Rob Raco.

The 36-year-old actress also has a successful modeling career and a net worth of above $2 million. She is genderfluid and proudly gay, and has been linked to a number of famous women from the movie and music industries as well as a number of models, including Lola Van Vorst (2008), Lyndsey Anne (late 2000s), Catherine McNeil (engaged in 2010), and Harley Gusman (2016).

Scroll down to see a timeline of her most well-known relationships.

2008, 2016-2018: Jessica Origliasso

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022? A Look At Her Dating History. Jessica Origliasso

Ruby and The Veronicas singer Jessica Origliasso, 36, had a relationship that started in 2008 and went on and off. Even though the two women got back together a few times over the years, they finally got serious about each other in November 2016.

Who Australia says that the “steamy” music video for “On Your Side,” which Ruby wrote and directed for The Veronicas and starred in with Jessica, is what brought them together at the time.

But it’s no secret that their relationship put a lot of stress on The Veronicas. In fact, the Australian musician later said that it almost caused the band to break up. In April 2018, the Pitch Perfect 3 star tweeted: “Ruby and Jessica are no longer together.” “I’ve spent the last two years getting to know an amazing person and sharing my life with them. An event for which I feel very lucky.”

On the radio show of Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, Jessica said, “It was time for me to leave that situation and be as happy and healthy as I deserve to be.”

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2014-2015: Phoebe Dahl

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022? A Look At Her Dating History. Phoebe Dahl

Ruby’s relationship with Jessica was one of her most well-known, but her first serious public relationship was with 32-year-old fashion designer Phoebe Dahl.

The two started dating quickly at the beginning of 2014 and got engaged just three months later. Ruby told People that she asked Phoebe to marry her three times before she finally said yes.

Even though everything seemed to be going well, the couple, who got engaged in March 2014 and lived together in Ruby’s home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, broke up at the end of 2015 because their work schedules didn’t match up. At first, they had decided to put off their wedding until 2016.

2015: Halsey (Rumored)

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating? A Look At Her Dating History. Halsey

Ruby and her ex-fiancee Phoebe broke up recently, and a few days later, the XXX: Return of Xander Cage actress was seen on a day date with Halsey, who is 27. Even though they didn’t say they were dating and were only seen together a few times in December 2015, the media went crazy every time Ruby and the “Without Me” singer went out for coffee together.

E! News says that the two started sending flirty tweets to each other as early as August of that year, which added to the idea that they were dating.

2018: Demi Lovato (Rumored)

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating? A Look At Her Dating History. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is another well-known pop star who has been linked to Ruby. Just like with her supposed tryst with Halsey, the two didn’t officially date, but it was said that they flirted a lot on Instagram in 2018. This led to a lot of rumors.

At the time, Demi commented on Ruby’s Fourth of July post by leaving three heart eyes under a picture of her in a bikini. The actress from John Wick: Chapter 2 said, “Hurry!” and that was enough to make people talk.

In 2013, while Demi and her long-term boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, 41, were taking a break, rumors began to spread that the two were dating. Ruby posted on Instagram, “I’m like the only person Demi has slept with who didn’t sell naked photos of her.”

After her post, a source told Life & Style magazine that Ruby and Demi dated for two years before the Disney Channel star and the That ’70s Show alum temporarily broke up.

But Demi said that she and Ruby had never been together.

“People will spread rumors because they are rumors. You can think whatever you want, but no, I wasn’t dating her “in 2015, she told Complex.

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Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022?

Ruby Rose was seen at the Paris Jackson concert in Los Angeles in March this year with Caity Lotz, who is said to be her ex-girlfriend.

Who Is Ruby Rose Dating In 2022?

The 36-year-old went out looking casually cool in a black singlet and tan-and-white patchwork pants. The sighting of the duo sparked rumors of Ruby Rose dating Caity Lotz.

Lotz and Rose were first thought to be dating in December 2020, when they were seen in each other’s Instagram posts.

In the last two years, neither Lotz nor Rose have talked about the relationship or their supposed breakup in public, so it is unlikely that they are dating. Besides, Ruby Rose’s Instagram account also doesn’t share any indication of her being in a relationship with anyone so it appears that she is single at the moment.

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