Who Is Tamar Braxton Dating? Meet Her New Boyfriend Jeremy Robinson

R&B Singer Tamar Braxton is dating a white man who her friends refer to as Tamar’s Caucasian king. Last week it was reported that Tamar Braxton has a new man and the two were spotted on romantic dates.

Now we have exclusive and clear pictures of Tamar’s new boyfriend and he is a white man.

Tamar Braxton is reportedly dating an Atlanta businessman who is also a successful lawyer and close sources have revealed that he is a handsome white man. Braxton who has been married twice and only to black men before is reportedly very happy with her new white boyfriend.


Sources have also revealed that her new boyfriend treats her like a queen and spoils her rotten. Last week some pics of the couple leaked online but the images were very unclear many assume that Tamar’s dating a black man but now very clear photos of her new boyfriend have been circulating on the web and we can attest that he is a very handsome man.

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Tamar Braxton Fuels Relationship Rumors After Attending Jeremy Robinson’s Birthday

Tamar Braxton may have found the one after the “All the Way Home” singer was seen at a fancy birthday party with her rumored new boyfriend, Jeremy Robinson. According to his Instagram profile, he is the Founding Partner of @TheJRLawGroup Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney and CEO of @rags2richeslogistics.

After denying that she got back together with her ex-boyfriend, David Adefeso, a financial expert, there have been reports that the 45-year-old entertainer may be taking this relationship seriously. The recent outing comes right after these reports.

Who Is Tamar Braxton Dating? Meet Her New Boyfriend Jeremy Robinson

In the clips that went viral on social media over the weekend, Tamar is wearing a black snake-print mini dress with an open back and heels. Her date wore an all-black suit. The event seemed to be in honor of the Atlanta businessman’s birthday. When he and Tamar walked in, friends and staff were waving sparklers and tequila.

Fans had a lot to say about the rumored new couple, but Tamar Braxton, who used to be on “Braxton Family Values,” hasn’t said anything about the relationship rumors. A lot of people noticed how happy Tamar looked, and one Instagram user even said, “Love looks good on Tamar.”

Another person wrote, “She doesn’t really have a type, so you know she’s really into them because she doesn’t have a type.” Another person said, “She doesn’t look stressed… just fabulous!!!.”

People also noticed how happy the star was with her new boyfriend and how happy he was to be there. A third person wrote, “He’s so happy to just be around her and hold her hand tight. He knows what he’s got.” “I’m glad for her.”

In an Instagram post shared on August 14 by the social media blog Gossip of the City, Tamar was seen with the rumored Atlanta businessman earlier this month. Jeremy was seen hanging out with the former reality star at what looked like a club. During the whole video, the singer-songwriter was also seen talking to her “date” and looking around the place.

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Tamar Braxton’s Previous Relationship With Her Ex David Adefeso Ended Badly

Braxton’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the financial guru David Adefeso, ended after he accused her of beating him up and damaging his luxury car to the tune of $30,000. Since the accusation, the two seem to have made up with each other and moved on.

The last time Tamar remembered Adefeso was on Father’s Day.

“@officialvincentherbert and @david.adefeso you both do a beautiful OUTSTANDING job at showing up for @loganland8 time and time again. He’s so blessed to have 2 daddies one from blood and one from spirit who loves him the same. You both have been a BIG support to not only him but me also. Thank you both for being heaven sent.”


Many of her fans were upset and confused that she would talk about Adefeso. They went to her comments to remind her that Adefeso said she was physically abusive. They also told him that he was banned from seeing her for a short time.

Braxton soon heard about the comments, so she went to The Shade Room to talk about it. Braxton said that she included her ex-boyfriend in the tribute post because he is still close to her son, Logan.

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