Who Is Wendy Williams Dating? Says She ‘Can’t Wait to Fall in Love’

Wendy Williams’ first public appearance after her most recent recovery treatment was apparently a happy and healthy one.

In September of this year, the gifted broadcaster entered into a treatment facility after relapsing with alcohol, which had ultimately caused the celebrity to suffer health concerns.

The talk show host made a coherent speech on marriage and wanting to “fall in love” again at the annual Circle of Sisters event hosted by her former radio station WBLS on Monday night in New York City.

Who Is Wendy Williams Dating?

More than a month after coming home from a private stay at a wellness center, the talk show host went out on Nov. 21 to attend the annual Circle of Sisters gathering at her old radio station.

During an interview at WBLS 107.5 FM’s Circle of Sisters event at Resorts World in New York City on Monday, Wendy said, “I can’t wait to fall in love.”

Williams said that she doesn’t “want to get married,” but she knows what she wants in a new boyfriend.

“I never deny it, and the first thing I think when I see a man is, “Are they wearing the finger?” Because if they have the finger on, that’s an instant hello. But I can’t wait to fall in love, and I don’t want to get married,” Williams, 58, said in a video shared by WBLS.

Who Is Wendy Williams Dating? Says She 'Can't Wait to Fall in Love'

“I want him to have kids already. I want him to be about the same age as me, maybe 10 or 15 years younger or older, you know what I mean? “she told Jusnik on the show. “Then we’ll be able to do things together, like if we suddenly want to fly from New York City to France so we can stay there for two days to eat or something.”

So folks, there you have it, Wendy Williams is single at the moment but looking to get into a meaningful relationship soon.

Bertrand Girigorie was Wendy’s first husband. They were married from 1994 to 1995, but they got a divorce soon after.

She got married again in 1999, this time to Kevin Hunter, with whom she has a 22-year-old son. Twenty years later, in 2019, they split up because he had a daughter with his mistress, Sharina Hudson.

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Wendy Williams Receives Love And Support From Her Fans

Shawn Zanotti, who works for Wendy Williams, told E! News that fans brought her to tears with rounds of applause, gratitude, and praise when she was at the event.

Wendy got emotional when a fan complimented her at the event. The website for the event says that it is celebrating 20 years as “the original Black female empowerment expo.”

Who Is Wendy Williams Dating? Says She 'Can't Wait to Fall in Love'

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“I have tears of laughter but also sincere [tears],” Williams replied. “Just thank you all so much for being here today.”

“Wendy, you look great! We can’t wait for you to come back! Let’s go! How you doing! “,” said someone else.

“We love you. Your health and happiness are most important, so please take care of yourself,” said a third. “We should treat ourselves the same way we would treat someone we cared about. 🌺💘”

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