Who Is Yordan Alvarez’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Yordan Alvarez is an outfielder and professional baseball hitter for the Houston Astros in Major League Baseball. He is Cuban. He debuted in 2019 and earned the moniker “Air Yordan.” Prior to joining the Houston Astros, he also played for the Los Angeles Dodgers as a free agent. He received the highest rookie slugging percentage of.655 in 2019 and was chosen as the American League Rookie of the Year by a unanimous vote.

Yordan’s overall good play in the 2021 American League Championship earned him the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, as well as many other honours and rewards that fit his role in the MLB world. As of 2022, he is worth $1.5 million. Yordan Alvarez is known for playing baseball, but his relationship with the beautiful and sweet Monica Quiros has been a big topic of discussion on the internet.

Is Yordan Married?

Yes, Yordan Alvarez is married to Monica Quiros.

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Yordan Alvarez is currently married to the lovely Monica Quiros (now Alvarez). Monica and Yordan have travelled a long distance together before finally marrying. Monica announced their engagement on her Instagram page on January 11, 2020.

Who Is Yordan Alvarez's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Though no dates have been confirmed, it is believed that they have been together since 2018, as their first photo was discovered at that time. Their two children, Mia and Jordan, were born shortly after and before their marriage.

On November 6, 2018, they welcomed their lovely daughter before their marriage. The couple named her as Mia. Pictures of Mia are frequently found on social media pages. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Excellence Oyster Bay, where they shared photos of themselves exchanging rings while half embedded in the sand.

Who Is Yordan Alvarez’s Wife, Monica Quiros?

Monica Yulisa Quiros Olivera was born in February 1998 in Camaguey, Cuba. She attended various events in Tampa, Florida.

Who Is Yordan Alvarez's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

Monica is the oldest of three children born to her mother, Yenice Olivera Caraballoso.

Ms. Quiros and her family later relocated to Tampa, Florida. A.P. Leto High School, from which she graduated.

Why Yordan Is In Limelight Again?

Houston Astros star Yordan Alvarez left Friday’s game against the Atlanta Braves in the bottom of the fifth inning due to shortness of breath and was taken to an Atlanta hospital.

Who Is Yordan Alvarez's Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know!

After the game, Astros manager Dusty Baker told reporters that the Braves’ in-game fireworks aggravated Alvarez’s condition. “The doctors are analysing him,” Baker said Friday night. “They said his vitals are all normal. He’s feeling fine, but he still needs to see our doctor.” He just had shortness of breath, and when they set off the fireworks, the smoke made it worse”.

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 “I’m glad we got him out when we did because when I looked up, he was in the dugout, and it was a scary moment because anything could happen. But they said he’s doing fine right now.” Alvarez was able to leave the game on his own, and Baker told reporters that no one in the dugout knew Alvarez was having symptoms.

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