Know About Ben Kweller’s Wife As Their Son Dies In Car Crash At 16

Benjamin Lev Kweller is a singer, songwriter, and musician from the United States. Kweller used to be in the band Radish. He has put out six solo albums and worked with other artists on a number of projects.
The Heart Attack Kid music video was made by Kweller and Robert Strange of Superorganism. It came out on February 19, 2019. “Just For Kids,” “Only a Day,” and “Starz” are some of their other singles.

Circuit Boredom came out on all DSPs around the world on December 17, 2021. The Noise Company, which is a record label, has said that the album is one of their top priorities for 2022.

On February 28, 2023, the news came out that the accident that killed Kweller’s 16-year-old son was caused by a car. Liz Kweller wrote on social media that the teen had died in a car crash. Dorian, was a budding musician, who released a number of singles as Zev.

Since the death of Ben’s son became public knowledge, there has been a stronger focus on Ben and his family. This article will focus on Ben’s family, including his wife and children.

Who Is Ben Kweller’s Wife, Liz Smith Kweller?

Ben tied the knot with his longtime sweetheart Liz in 2003. The song “Lizzy,” from the album “Sha Sha,” was written about her. The couple first met in 1998. It’s unclear when exactly their relationship began, but they were clearly high school sweethearts. They tied the knot in Rhode Island on September 13th, 2003. Dorian Zev Kweller and Judah Kweller are their sons.

Know About Ben Kweller's Wife As Their Son Dies  In Car Crash At 16

Ben captioned an Instagram post for his wife on their anniversary: “Today marks the 16th anniversary of the day we joined our hearts as one on the beach at Block Island, Rhode Island. ❤️ Our marriage is sixteen years old today, and we celebrate by having a sweet sixteen party. 💍💑🎩 I love you, Lizzzzy!”

He never misses an opportunity to tell Lizzy how much he appreciates her. On Valentine’s Day, he uploaded a photo of his wife to Instagram with the remark, “You will always be my sweetheart. You can see a picture of Lizzy from the time we first met in 1998. Love has been in the air ever since.”

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Meet Ben Kweller’s Kids: Dorian Kweller Dies At 16

Ben and Liz Smith Kweller had two sons. Dorian Zev Kweller was born in 2006 to Ben and Liz Smith Kweller. He liked music like his father did and wanted to be a recording artist. He would often spend his days writing and making content, and he was supposed to play a gig before he died. Under the name ZEV, Dorian put the music he made on Spotify.

Even though Ben is a well-known person, not much is known about his younger child because they tend to stay out of the spotlight and off social media.

Dorian’s death in February 2023, when he was only 16, was very sad. Ben first said that his son had died in an Instagram post. Later, TMZ reported that the boy had been hurt in a car accident and died from his injuries. Ben said at the time, “There’s no way I can type this, but I am.” “Our son, Dorian Zev Kweller, was killed last night. He was only 16, but everyone knew who he was. Kind, gentle, and a friend to everyone.

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“If you knew him, you know. As long as we live, we’ll never get over him. Please keep his spirit alive by telling stories about him and listening to the music he made. “…My baby boy was at the starting line, and he had so much life to live… I don’t know why things like this keep happening. We’re completely shocked and don’t know what will happen next,” Ben said. At this point, there are no details about what happened.

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