Who Is Jim Norton’s Girlfriend? Here’s What We Know!

James Joseph Norton is an American comedian, radio personality, actor, author, and TV and podcast host. Norton has been co-hosting UFC Unfiltered podcasts with Matt Serra and Jim Norton & Sam Roberts on SiriusXM Radio since 2016, and The Chip Chipperson Podcast since 2017.

Norton has put out four comedy albums and seven comedy specials since 2003. Three of the specials are on Epix and one is on Netflix. Norton had a talk show on Vice called The Jim Norton Show in 2014. He has written two books: Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breast Zero and I Hate Your Guts.

People are interested in his personal life in addition to his work life. So, read the article for more information.

Who Is Jim Norton’s Girlfriend?

His girlfriend is a hot topic on Reddit these days. Well, I’m not sure who his girlfriend is. He never said who she was. But the thing he talks about most is that she is transgender.

Who Is Jim Norton's Girlfriend? Here's What We Know!

People on Reddit say that many of the women named were his girlfriends. But Princess Alena is the name that has the most support. Mary Jean, Anthonia, Bailey Jay, and Sam Hyde are also on this list. But there is no evidence of who he dates.

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Roryjack, a user on Reddit said, “Yeah, she’s a model that lives in Canada that he met over the summer at camp. She’s super hot and gave him bl***obs in his bunk all summer.”

Who Is Jim Norton's Girlfriend? Here's What We Know!

ColinQuinnPileDriver, another user, says, “Her name is Princess Alena. Jim has recently gotten back in her good graces by making an offering of 1,000,000 tokens. This seems like a genuine relationship.” A now-deleted user said the couple met at Niagara Falls.

On June 28, 2013, he shared a tweet with the caption, “I’m so happy to finally be dating again. My new gal and I just before she ran away from me.”

However, let’s wait for any official confirmation from the star till enjoy watching his latest works.

Know About Jim Nortan’s Early life

James Joseph Norton was born in Bayonne, NJ. His mother was a librarian, and his father was a former US marine and army reservist who later worked for the US postal service as a driver. Norton grew up in North Brunswick, New Jersey, with his older sister Tracy.

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Norton went to North Brunswick High School, but he dropped out in his senior year. During this time, Norton started drinking a lot, “mostly vodka and grain alcohol” because it got him drunk faster. “When I drank, that feeling of discomfort that was always there went away. It was just a way to feel comfortable… I was very shy, very insecure, and always felt ugly and weak “.

At age 18, he started working in a copper company. He drove a forklift to unload boxes of copper tubes from trucks, which he said was “awful.” He lost his job when he was 23 years old. Norton got unemployment benefits for a few years while acting like he was looking for work and doing comedy sets at local venues. Then, he decided to do comedy full-time.

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