The Truth Behind Unexplained Disappearances And UFO Sightings At Mount Shasta

The city of Mount Shasta is 60 miles north of Redding, near the Oregon border, and next to Interstate 5.

The pine-covered mountains that surround the valley are the city’s most famous landmark. The snowy volcanic peak of Mt. Shasta, which stands more than 14,000 feet tall, is also a famous landmark.

Mount Shasta in northern California is known as a place where strange things happen, like hikers disappearing without a trace or unexplainable UFO sightings. Some people in Mount Shasta think that a lost continent called Lemuria and its crystal city capital, Telos, are hidden under the mountain.

The Unexplained Disappearances And UFO Sightings At Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta is one of the most beautiful places to visit in California. Let’s find out if the mountain’s unique geology and location on Earth could be attracting beings from other worlds… or even other dimensions.

Missing People And Strange Disappearances At Mt. Shasta

Some people think that Mt. Shasta is responsible for more than its fair share of people going missing.

In 1934, a man named JC Brown was planning to go on an adventure to find a cave full of treasure. He was supposed to be in charge of an 80-person team, but he didn’t show up for the trip and was never seen again.

Another story is about a three-year-old boy who got lost in the mountain and was found five hours later wandering around. The boy said that strange people who were not human took him into a cave. They wanted to study him, but they got mad and let him go in the end.

The Unexplained Disappearances And UFO Sightings At Mount Shasta

In May 1999, Carl Herbert Landers who knew his way around the outdoors went missing while climbing a mountain. There was no sign of him when search teams looked for him. Search teams were surprised that they couldn’t find any sign of him because there weren’t any obvious cracks or thick bushes in that area. Neither his body nor any of his things were ever found.

On May 5, 2021, Devohnte Morgan, who was 28 years old and from San Francisco, went missing while visiting the mountain. He seems to have vanished without a trace, and as of this writing, no one has found him.

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What Could Be The Reason Behind UFO Sightings And Disappearances At Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta has also been a popular place to see UFOs for a long time. One was photographed there in 2019. Most of these have been explained by weather events, since the mountain is so tall that it makes its own climate.

For example, after one saucer-shaped sighting, the US Forest Service put out a statement explaining how humid air masses rising up the side of a volcano can make lenticular clouds that might look like spacecraft.

People have thought for a long time that Mount Shasta is one of the world’s sacred sites or “power spots” that have strong effects on people and other living things. Like Stonehenge in England, the pyramids in Egypt, and Machu Picchu in Peru, they are known for strange things happening there and are thought to be portals to other worlds.

Believers have been interested in these power spots for a long time. They are said to be places where energy is so concentrated as it enters or leaves the Earth that it can directly affect our minds.

The idea of a doorway to another world or dimension might seem far-fetched, but keep in mind that in 2013, NASA-funded research found X-points, which are places where electrons move around. Jack Scudder, a plasma physicist at the University of Iowa, said, “They are places where the magnetic field of the Earth meets the magnetic field of the Sun. This makes a straight line from our planet to the atmosphere of the sun, which is 93 million miles away.”

Further research showed that these portals open and close dozens of times a day in the upper atmosphere. If they exist there, isn’t it possible that they also exist on the surface of the earth and lead not to the sun but to other parts of the universe? Could this be where the people who were last seen on Mount Shasta went?

Could Mount Shasta Be An Alien Base?

Other mysterious theories about Mount Shasta involve aliens and the idea that they might be using it as a base when they come to Earth. Again, this may be more likely than it sounds. A former Israeli head of space security named Haim Eshed recently said that aliens from a “galactic federation” have already been in touch with our planet.

He told the newspaper Yediot Aharonot, “The Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have asked us not to tell the world that they are here yet because people are not ready.” The US government and the aliens have reached a deal. They agreed to do experiments here by signing a contract with us.”

Could this explain why there are Lemurians, strange lights, and UFOs?

Lastly, the mountain is also a fairly active volcano. In fact, lava fields there were on fire in the summer of 2021. This has led people who don’t believe in spirits to say that some of the strange things people have seen and heard could be caused by volcanic gases getting into people’s brains and making them hallucinate or feel confused. But this doesn’t explain why there aren’t any bodies of people who have gone missing from the place over the years, nor does it explain why pictures were taken by people who weren’t there when they saw paranormal things.

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Could The Lenticular Clouds Of Mount Shasta Be Mistaken For UFOs?

Lenticular clouds are some of the most interesting weather patterns that people have ever seen. They are not unique to Mount Shasta, but the conditions around the mountain make it a great place for these floating works of art to form.

The shape of these clouds, like a flying saucer or a lens, is caused by the fact that they form along the downwind sides of mountains. When stable, moist air goes over a mountain, it makes waves that move back and forth. Weather Underground says that the crests of the waves cause condensation of water vapor, which then evaporates through the troughs. These evaporations look like they are made up of lenses and spaceships.

Mount Shasta, in particular, has had its fair share of lenticular cloud sightings, which has made it the new Roswell, New Mexico, for alien hunters. The latest UFO cloud quickly went viral on social media, as these posts of the mysterious formations show:

Mount Shasta has an aura that can’t be denied, and some people say they can feel almost a magnetic pull from the volcano to the towns and roads near it. Could this mean that mysterious forces are at work inside it? We still don’t know, just like we don’t know a lot of things about our home planet.

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