Who Is Carlos Correa’s Wife And What’s His Net Worth?

Carlos has recently agreed to a massive 13-year, $350 million deal with the San Francisco Giants.

Carlos Correa is one of the most sought-after free agents on the market right now. The 27-year-old shortstop has already been to two All-Star games and won a World Series. He still has a lot of time to add to his already impressive baseball resume.

Carlos played for the Minnesota Twins in 2022 on a one-year contract worth $35.1 million and a two-year, $70.2 million insurance policy in case his performance dropped or he got hurt badly. Both of those things didn’t happen, so Correa got out of his contract at the end of the season. His new contract with the Giants is the biggest ever for a shortstop and the biggest ever for a player who was picked first overall in a draught. Overall, Correa’s $350 million deal is the fourth-largest one for an MLB player.Now, everyone is curious about his personal life and what this deal has to do with it. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this deal, his net worth, and his personal life.

Meet Carlos’s Wife Daniella Correa

Daniella Correa, the former Miss Texas and longtime girlfriend of Carlos Correa is now his wife. Carlos and his wife Daniella live in a private home in the city of Houston. Daniella owns and started the lip and cosmetics company Sweet D by Daniella Correa.

Who Is Carlos Correa's Wife And What's His Net Worth?

Daniella is also the Vice-President of the Correa Family Foundation. This group works to give children with cancer and their families life-changing experiences and financial help. The foundation also gives money to communities that have been hurt by natural disasters and help them recover. Daniella and Carlos Correa live a busy, loving life together as a family. Daniella is Vice President, owns a business, is married, and will soon be a mother of two.

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Carlos And Daniella’s Relationship Details

After the 2017 World Series, Correa asked his girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez Correa to marry him on national TV. Correa and Rodriguez tied the knot at a courthouse on November 11, 2019.

Since their wedding, the happy couple has kept getting good things. In June 2021, both of them posted on Instagram that they were going to have a baby. After two months, they told everyone they were having a boy. Kylo Daniel was born later that year, on November 29. In the same post where he told everyone about the birth of his first child, the 27-year-old baseball player gushed about his wife on the occasion of their second wedding anniversary, “You have changed my whole life. I LOVE YOU, my SON. Danielle, Happy 2nd anniversary! You hold this family together. You are the hardest worker and funniest person in the house. Love you baby.”

Who Is Carlos Correa's Wife And What's His Net Worth?

In fact, they still post photos of Baby Kylo’s first Christmas and other important events on a regular basis. Rodriguez also recently posted a picture of the happy family together in a training center.

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Details About Carlos Correa’s Net Worth

As of December 2022, Carlos Correa has an estimated net worth of $7 million. According to ESPN that star shortstop Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants have agreed to a $350 million, 13-year deal. After making a “prove-it” deal with the Minnesota Twins, Carlos Correa is moving to California to continue his career. The deal between Carlos Correa and the Giants would be the biggest in San Francisco’s history, the most money ever given to a shortstop, and the most ever paid for a free agent from outside the team.

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